Performance for schools

Wilaygu Ngayinybula // Possum's two minds

Wilaygu Ngayinybula // Possum's two minds

Wilay has two minds.


One is cheeky, fun and creative. The other is serious, smart and  organised. 


Both minds have their place, but Wilay gets into trouble when Cheeky mind decides to hibernate in the dry season. Without the balance of both minds, Wilay starts to feel unhappy and weighed down by Serious mind, but Wilay need only remember that all seasons pass.


This 20-minute trio has been created with schools in mind, blending ballet and contemporary dance styles in a fun and thought-provoking story. 



Watch the video below to find out more.

  • Credits

    Choreographer Ella Havelka

    Composer Tristan Field

    Digital Design Peggy Jackson

    Costume Design Christie Milton

  • Bookings

    To enquire about bringing this performance to your school or community contact or call 03 9669 2525