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Explore our seasons featuring time-honoured classical ballets and pioneering world premieres that will take you to the heights and depths of human emotion. Plus events, classes, livestreams and more.

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The Australian Ballet artist Brett Chynoweth holds Benedicte Bemet from the waist from behind, she stands en pointe with one leg far extended in front of her.

Brett Chynoweth and Benedicte Bemet
Photo Pierre Toussaint

The Australian Ballet artist Chengwu Guo holds Ako Kondo high above his head as she elongates her body fully.

Ako Kondo and Chengwu Guo
Photo Pierre Toussaint

Season 2024

In 2024, The Australian Ballet will go further to move you beyond words with groundbreaking world premieres and classical masterpieces that illustrate our commitment to honouring ballet's history and exploring its exciting future.

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A large group of musicians playing in a room, their instruments and faces are obscured by a blurred effect through the image.

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Music is an equal partner of dance, a defining element in everything we do.