The Australian Ballet

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Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Artists from The Australian Ballet dressed in white tutus whilst dancing and moving on stage in front of a dark background.

Artistic Statement

The Australian Ballet creates and performs dance, specifically ballet.

We honour, interrogate, and challenge the history of our artform, ensuring that we engage and connect with our audiences throughout the entire process of artistic creation.

Our artform is alive, and we are evolving and changing it.

We develop, nurture, support and commission artists at every phase of their artistic career, reaching within and beyond the dance community.

We bring creatives of the highest calibre from around the world, to enrich our artists and audiences.

This commitment to collaboration, commissioning and the highest standards of ballet and dance create an arts organisation planted in today’s times, for today’s audiences.


The Australian Ballet exists to inspire audiences through dance, particularly ballet.

We realise this purpose by:

  • Pursuing the highest level of performance quality and artistry
  • Presenting ballet and dance to be inclusive, upholding traditions, excellence and history, whilst innovating and reflecting our times
  • Demonstrating leadership at home and abroad
  • Bringing live performance and the experience of the artform to the broadest possible audience
  • Building relationships within communities by engaging with audiences, schools and families and providing opportunities to enjoy and participate in the artform


We perform at our best: challenging ourselves and each other, thinking beyond conventional practice and striving to achieve excellence in everything we do.


We act innovatively and embrace change with confidence and courage.


We are deeply committed to cultivating and sustaining an organisation that is equitable, fair and inclusive. We embrace diversity both on and off stage and strive to be a company where all communities feel a sense of belonging.


We treat all people with dignity and create trusted and enduring relationships with customers, colleagues and communities.


We seek out new and better ways of doing things, act accountably and understand the importance of balancing artistic risk with strategic and commercial outcomes. We strive for environmental sustainability and are conscious of how we use our resources.

2028 Vision

By 2028, The Australian Ballet:

  • Has cemented its distinctive artistic voice. It has realised its artistic ambition, performing at the highest standards of excellence, reflecting its own distinctive style
  • Is delivering a balanced repertoire that honours the history of ballet while allowing for its evolution
  • Is contributing more strongly than ever to the development of the pipeline of dancers and other creative talent
  • Has through the resilience of its people, adapted and emerged following the disruption caused by the Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation Project with a business model that is financially sustainable
  • Continues to engage with and reach broad audiences than ever before both domestically and internationally –through its increased live performance footprint, diverse repertoire and an expanded digital offering
  • Speaks to more Australians through new commissions that engage in today’s cultural conversations
  • Is contributing unprecedented value to Australians as a leader through collaboration with governments, other arts organisations, and the broader dance community

Goal 1

Cultivating The Australian Ballet

This is a generational moment for The Australian Ballet.

We will do justice to this moment by cultivating creativity across stages, orchestra pits, workshops and studios. Through collaborations and looking forward, we will share powerful stories that evolve our artform and nurture astonishing talent.

Goal 2

Delivering to and building our audience

Art thrives with engaged audiences.

We will retain our existing audience of ticket buyers while attracting new audiences to the world of ballet and dance.

Goal 3

Managing sustainability

To deliver our ambition, we must be able to fund it.

We will improve how we utilise resources and grow income to ensure financial resilience and environmental sustainability.

Goal 4

Advancing Access

The Australian Ballet is Australia’s national ballet company.

We are committed to making dance accessible to everyone regardless of their background or financial situation. From first encounters to higher education programs, to in theatre performances – by providing these opportunities to the community, more people will participate in the life of this art form.

Goal 5

Our people

Our people are at the centre of everything we do.

We will together embrace change and share responsibility to deliver the organisation’s vision and goals.