The Australian Ballet

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Strategic Plan

Artists from The Australian Ballet dressed in white tutus whilst dancing and moving on stage in front of a dark background.


The Australian Ballet exists to delight and inspire all Australians through the power of ballet.

We realise this purpose by:

  • Constantly pursuing global leading-edge performance quality and artistry
  • Making live performance a source of wonder, joy and satisfaction
  • Daring to be different and respecting tradition
  • Engaging with the community beyond the stage
  • Proudly reflecting and celebrating all that is good about Australia

To achieve our vision to be globally acclaimed as one of the world’s leading national ballet companies and as the pre-eminent ballet company in the Asia-Pacific region, The Australian Ballet commenced a new Five Year Strategic Plan in 2019.

Our values

The Australian Ballet and our people are:


The hallmarks of our aesthetic are grace, athleticism, technical excellence and strength.


We believe in our ability to make things happen and reach for the stars.

We are disciplined and don’t give up.


Creativity powers our company. We value knowledge, experience, open-mindedness, fresh thinking and passion on and off the stage.


We know our customers and audiences and engage meaningfully at every touchpoint.

Proudly Australian

We reflect the rich diversity of our country and respect the First Peoples of our nation.

We speak to all Australians and the world.


Our work environment is respectful of others and protects and values each one.

We consciously work together as one team towards a common goal.


We understand the importance of balancing strategic and commercial outcome.

We value analysis, critical thinking and careful planning and recognise the importance of diverse and growing income streams.

2019 – 2023 Strategic imperatives
  • As guardians and exemplars of our artform, the performances we present to live and digital audiences must be exciting, engaging, and relevant to all tastes and tribes. The audience experience we offer must be outstanding and immersive. We must continue to “Care for Tradition and Dare to be Different”.
  • Through the theme of dance, we can redefine the image of ballet and The Australian Ballet’s brand, engage with all Australians, change the way we interact with the community and win the hearts and minds of all Australians.
  • We must use data driven, analytic, smart tools when making decisions about resource allocations.
  • We will adapt our performance footprint to solve theatre access issues in Sydney and Melbourne, our core markets, where we rely on strong ticket sales to achieve our financial model.
  • Excellence in customer service is essential. We must delight our customers at every touchpoint – all of which are “moments of truth”.
2019 – 2023 Objective

Objective 1

As an internationally renowned ballet company, The Australian Ballet and our world-class artistic talent take artistic risks and “Dare to be Different” to remain exciting and relevant, and to attract and partner with the world’s best artistic talent.

Objective 2

The Australian Ballet will deliver outstanding and immersive audience experiences, innovating and enhancing the customer experience beyond the performances we present onstage.

Objective 3

We are proudly Australian and celebrate what it means to be Australian.

Objective 4

We are powerfully relevant to the community at large and provide cultural meaning.

Objective 5

We are savvy users of technology in the expression of our art, delivered customer experience and organisational efficiency.

Objective 6

We understand our economic model, are clear about our sources of profit and will protect them while seeking new sources of revenue to deliver this plan.

Objective 7

We will adapt our performance footprint and seek breakthrough strategies in key markets where theatre access is limiting our potential to grow audiences.

Objective 8

To ensure we have outstanding leadership and governance, we will plan for and carefully manage moves and change of key personnel.