The Australian Ballet


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Step into a dreamscape

When the curtain goes up at The Australian Ballet, you’re immediately in another world. In this enchanting realm, forests grow before your eyes, tutus shimmer like the Northern Lights and limbs gleam with a reptile sheen. We open the doors of The Australian Ballet to show you the extraordinary skills and tireless effort that goes into conjuring these wonderlands.

Behind the Magic

Our performances are supported by teams of elite professionals, creatives and artisans. Their skills – some of which have been handed down over centuries, some of which are world-leading innovations – give us stages worthy of our stars.

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"The Australian Ballet’s wardrobe department in Melbourne has been transformed into Aladdin’s cave, overflowing with silk and organza, feathers and pearls, crystals and sequins and flowers - roses, lilacs, tulips, painstakingly sewn into rack upon rack of breathtakingly beautiful costumes. It would indeed seem wishes come true."