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Every dancer is different,
and so is every ballet

Ballet is a physically and emotionally demanding art form, and the dancers of The Australian Ballet have the added challenge of a hectic national and international touring schedule, not to mention the rigours of ever-changing and overlapping repertoire. Every body is different, and every dancer needs a specialised program to keep them at peak fitness.

The Australian Ballet’s artistic health team leads the world in injury prevention and management, as the company’s extraordinarily low rate of injury attests. Olympians, elite athletes and other ballet companies have sought consultations with our artistic health team, which includes physiotherapists, myotherapists, and a strength and conditioning coach, most of whom travel with the company. By encouraging a culture of early reporting and developing detailed injury-prevention programs for each ballet, the artistic health team keep our dancers strong, healthy, and ready to meet the challenges of our varied repertoire.

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"The Australian Ballet offers the most comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. It is by far the benchmark and the most up-to-date approach for dancers globally." David Hall­berg, Artis­tic Director
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Meet the team

Dancers can only perform at their best when they are fit and injury free. The Australian Ballet has a proactive approach to injury management and prevention to ensure its artists have a long and healthy career. Meet the team who make it all happen.

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Injury Management and Prevention Program

The Injury Management and Prevention Program aims to promote the health and wellbeing of dancers, allowing them to perform at their optimum level. It is also intended to contribute to the body of knowledge in dance medicine worldwide. While it has been customised for The Australian Ballet, this program is suitable for any dance company that wishes to use it as a guide to implementing systems and processes for the prevention of injury.

This innovative program was recognised in the prestigious 2007 WorkSafe Victoria Awards: The Australian Ballet received the award for Best Strategy for Health and Safety Management.

Download Injury Risk Management Program handbook (PDF)