The Australian Ballet

The Ballet Society

Friends of the ballet

Supporting The Australian Ballet since 1966.

Since our earliest days, The Australian Ballet Society (VIC) and Friends of The Australian Ballet (NSW and SA) have existed to support The Australian Ballet and The Australian Ballet School, through financial support and scholarships, whilst making ballet more accessible and generating engagement and community for their members.

Coinciding with The Australian Ballet’s 60th anniversary year, from August 2022 these three affiliated fundraising and membership organisations will collectively become known as The Ballet Society.

We would like to thank members past and present for their support and we look forward to embarking on the next chapter of our rich history together.

For more information about The Ballet Society and your local organisation, visit the website below.

The Ballet Society

“Philanthropy has long been at the heart of The Australian Ballet and, since our earliest days, we have been fortunate to feel the enduring love and support of the Friends and Australian Ballet Society. As we stand on the cusp of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations, it’s moving to see these three organisations coming together as The Ballet Society. We are all so grateful for the generosity of The Ballet Society’s members and look forward to many more years in partnership together.” Ken­neth Watkins AM, Phil­an­thropy Director