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Season Package Policies

Season package structure

The Australian Ballet reserves the right to change the structure of Season Packages from year to year. This includes, but is not limited to; the number of ballets in a given series, the concessions offered within a series or the performance venue, performance dates and times of a particular series or of The Australian Ballet’s performances generally.

Seating allocation

Where a Season Package includes renewable seating, The Australian Ballet will take reasonable endeavours to offer Principal Package holders the same seats that were allocated for the previous season.

These seats will be held until close of business on the renewal deadline for those customers booking packages with renewable seating options (i.e. Principal Package Holders). After the renewal date, all unpurchased seats will be released for reallocation. The Australian Ballet has no obligation following the renewal date to allocate seats in a similar area of the theatre to renewing subscribers.

Season Package renewal deadlines will vary from year to year. Please refer to the current year Season Package information for full details.

If the seats allocated for the previous season cannot be offered for the new season, The Australian Ballet will endeavour to offer seats comparable to those allocated for the previous season. However, this may not be possible due to, among other things, existing seating allocations and the layout of the venue. At all times The Australian Ballet reserves the right to vary, substitute or withdraw Season Package seating.

Seats for new Principal Package purchases and all Create Your Own Package purchases will be allocated the best available seating in the chosen price reserve at time of purchase.

Renewable seating is only available for performances taking place in the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House and the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Season package change requests

Changes to series, seating reserve, and seating allocation are subject to availability for renewing Principal Package holders.

Change requests are processed in order of receipt.

Change requests submitted during the 2023 Season Package sales period will be assessed for the 2024 season. Your current seats will be renewed in full without changes and The Australian Ballet will contact you prior to the 2024 renewal period if your change can be accommodated.

The Australian Ballet makes no guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled. Where changes cannot be accommodated, subscribers will retain their original seats. Season Package renewals incorporating a change request will initially be charged the cost of the original renewable seating. If an upgrade can be accommodated, the additional charge will be debited upon seating allocation.

If a subscriber is requesting a reduction in the number of seats, or a downgrade in seating reserve, the original Season Package amount will initially be charged if booking online. The Australian Ballet will regularly assess online bookings and resolve such transaction payments as soon as possible. To avoid the original (greater) charge in the first instance subscribers requesting these changes are advised to renew by phone.

Ballet holiday

Principal Package Holders who have held the same package for five consecutive years or more are able to take a year's break or drop any number of ballets from their Season Package, and The Australian Ballet will take reasonable endeavours to allocate the same seats the following year.

The Ballet Holiday option is only available for one year in every six. Ballet Holidays must be arranged via The Australian Ballet customer experience team.

Payment instalments

Subscribers are eligible to take the instalment payment option when booking a Season Package.

The Australian Ballet offers the Instalment Payment option to subscribers in good faith and reserves the right to decline the Instalment Payment Option to individuals based on previous payment history with The Australian Ballet.

Instalments are collected in four equal payments. The first instalment will be charged on receipt of your booking, with the remaining three payments charged on set dates throughout the course of the year. To view instalment dates available for the 2023 Season, please visit our Season Packages page.

Where a Season Package order includes a donation, the full cost of the donation will be deducted on the first instalment when the booking is made.

Where a Season Package order total contains an uneven cent value and cannot be divided equally into four payments, instalment amounts will be rounded to the nearest cent.

Instalments can be paid by credit card only. Cheques, cash or money order are not accepted. Instalments are restricted to one credit card per Season Package booking.

Customers using the credit card instalment option are asked to inform The Australian Ballet as soon as possible if their credit card details change. Instalments that cannot be collected on the due date will be charged an administrative recovery fee ($33) in addition to the instalment amount.

If payment has not been received in full prior to the first performance in a package, tickets may be cancelled with the value of the tickets deducted from the remaining outstanding balance.

Subscriber discounts and special offers

The Australian Ballet, in conjunction with partner organisations, offers a range of discounts and special offers to subscribers. Subscribers are required to identify themselves as eligible for The Australian Ballet subscriber discounts by presentation of their mainstage ticket or by logging in to their account when purchasing through The Australian Ballet website.

Head subscribers and co-subscribers and transferring packages

For administrative purposes, The Australian Ballet will identify the individual(s) in whose name the Season Package is held, as the Head Subscriber. It is this person to whom all correspondence will be addressed, including tickets, renewal notices and instalment payment reminders.

The Head Subscriber may nominate one co-subscriber per seat in their package.

Co-subscribers may exchange tickets purchased on the Head Subscriber's account.

Co-subscribers cannot cancel tickets for a donation or request refunds/credits in the case of cancelled performances. Any ongoing seating change requests must be submitted by the Head Subscriber.

Head Subscribers need to notify The Australian Ballet customer experience team if they wish to remove/edit co-subscribers who have access to exchange/alter ticket bookings.

Should you wish for a Season Package (whether it be the full package or just a specific seat(s)) to be transferred to another member of the group as the Head Subscriber, The Australian Ballet will require notification in writing, from both the current Head Subscriber and the new Head Subscriber.

In the event that the current Head Subscriber is unable to provide written authorisation, written authorisation must be provided by their Power of Attorney and/or the Executor of their Estate.

Ticketing Policies

Visit our Ticketing Policies page to view our full Terms and Conditions of sale.