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Samara Merrick


Samara was born in Taree, New South Wales. Inspired by her older sister, she began dancing at the age of three, training in tap, ballet, and jazz. Samara attended The Australian Ballet School’s Intra/Interstate & International Training Program (ITP) for five years, before being accepted into their full-time program in 2017.

Joining The Australian Ballet in 2021 was an experience beyond words for Samara. She is delighted to be part of a company that nurtures her growth and creativity as a dancer. Samara’s favourite ballet is The Merry Widow for its elaborate costumes and elegant choreography. She is also inspired by Nederlands Dance Theater’s contemporary works. When she’s not training or performing, you’ll find Samara either outdoors in the sunshine, or getting creative with a paintbrush.

Samara Merrick’s Corps de Ballet position is generously supported by the Lang Family Foundation

You may not know

Samara loves watching crime documentaries.