The Program

STEAMDANCE uses a dance-education approach to learning about STEM subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths.

Students are inspired to wonder how you might use movement as fractions or to create special patterns; what the angle of an arabesque is; and how you might you balance the weight when you lift your partner.

The Sleeping Beauty


The program also includes the opportunity to have a 40-minute performance of The Sleeping Beauty in your school given by four professional dancers. The performance has been created especially for schools and designed for all students. The performances mix the classical look of Princess Aurora in a tutu with a street-wise Little Red Riding Hood in her hoodie with a backpack. Students who attend the workshops are invited to enjoy the performance, and if your venue is large enough, other year levels are welcome to attend.

  • Program Objectives

    The STEAMDANCE program aims to provide students with an unforgettable dance experience and is led by The Australian Ballet’s Dance Education Team, who are educators and professional dancers.

    The dance workshops aim to:

    • Complement key STEAMDANCE objectives in the curriculum by working closely with the class teacher to support curricular themes and content
    • Include every student in an accessible and inspiring way

    The program also includes the opportunity to have a 40-minute performance of The Sleeping Beauty in your school given by four professional dancers. The peformance aims to:

    • Bring a professional ballet performance to students and teachers
    • Highlight the value of dance and performance
    • Expand student knowledge of a range of dance forms
    • Provide an experience that is accessible to all
    • Increase knowledge of arts careers
  • Student Key Capabilities

    The STEAMDANCE program encompasses:

    • Intercultural understanding
    • ICT competence
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Problem solving

    During the STEAMDANCE program students will:

    • Increase skills through practical dance exercises that encourage individual and cooperative learning
    • Increase their interest in dance and have an opportunity to interact with dancers
    • Increase their knowledge about health and wellbeing through exercise, body confidence and food choices
  • How does the program work?

    Victoria: The STEAMDANCE program consists of six-day visits to your school (over a six-week period) with a male and female dance educator. Each day visit will feature up to four classes. The male and female dance educators work in advance with your class teacher to create a dance-education workshop program that supports what is being learnt in the classroom.

    Over the course of the six weeks the students learn practical dance and choreographic skills based around the chosen theme and create a performance. Included in the package is also the chance to have a 40-minute performance of The Sleeping Beauty in your school given by four professional dancers.


    Nationally: STEAMDANCE can also be delivered intensively across one or two weeks in remote areas at community venues. A Professional Development session for interested teachers is also offered; this focuses on using dance education to teach curricular subjects supported by The Australian Ballet’s online resource EduHub.

    The teacher training in each area and online resources support the long sustainability of the delivery.

  • Criteria for selection

    The STEAMDANCE program is aimed at increasing access to ballet and the arts, and opportunities to be spend time with professional artists. We prioritise schools in low socio-economic areas and those that are disadvantaged socially, financially and geographically. If you are unsure if you fit the criteria, please contact us at to discuss.

    The Australian Ballet Education Team often works with partners to ensure students have access to healthy and nutritious meals during the STEAMDANCE program. Providing these meals in a well-supported environment encourages aspiration.

  • Download certificate of participation

    Download our certificate of participation for your students here.

  • Download press release for schools

    Download our press release template for schools here and share your STEAMDANCE experience with local press.