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Slip on your ballet shoes and join our adult classes at the home of The Australian Ballet on Southbank.

Our six-week series of adult ballet classes are all taught to live piano and are run by current and former dancers of The Australian Ballet. Classes range from ballet basics (for absolute beginners), right through to advanced level three. Plus, our repertoire classes give you the chance to learn the steps from some of the world’s most famous ballets.

Everyone is welcome, so no matter if you have two left feet or feel at home at the barre, we'll have you on your way to performing the perfect pirouette in no time.

Can't commit to a full series? Casual classes are released a week in advance so that you can try a class before you sign up.

Join us at the barre today!


We are delighted to announce that Ballet Master Paul Knobloch and Ballet Mistress and Repetituer Elizabeth Toohey will be teaching classes on Tuesday 15 October! 
See schedule for details. 

Where and when

Current Series:

Series 7:
Week commencing 30 September - Week concluding 4 November


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings weekly


$160 per six-week booking | $33 per casual class


75-min Ballet

Suitable for

Adults 18 years +

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  • Class Levels

    Ballet Basics
    In this beginner class you’ll learn the basics of our favourite art form in the studios used by our elite dancers. Class will start at the barre and will progress slowly into exercises in the centre of the room (without a barre) including port de bras (arm movements), travelling exercises and petit allegro (small jumps). This is a fun, step-by-step guide that will help you to improve your posture, co-ordination and strength so that you can channel your inner ballerina. No prior experience necessary.

    Please note:

    • This class is for people who have never done ballet before, or people who have only attended a small number of classes before
    • Ballet shoes are recommended

    Level One

    Level one is the class for you if you have participated in ballet classes before, or have taken a ballet basics series with us and are familiar with the basic positions of the arms and feet. The main focus of the course will be on developing your musicality and working on your strength and coordination at the barre so that you can advance into centre work. Each week will build on the previous week to re-familiarise you basics of classical ballet. 

    Level Two 

    Level two is the class for you if you have participated in a series of ballet classes recently and are confident with pliés, tendus, battements, ronds de jambes, arabesques and pirouettes. Classes will focus on technique in a fun environment. Each week will build on the previous week and combine strength, conditioning, correct body alignment, flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

    Level Three

    Level three is for you if you’ve completed a course in adult ballet recently have a solid foundation in classical technique. Class will move at a quicker pace and include longer exercises in the centre. Musicality will be refined and you’ll be challenged to develop the lyricism of your dancing.

    All ballet classes at The Australian Ballet are accompanied by live piano (the way it should be!).


    Please note: all participants must be 18 years and above.

  • Schedule

    Level 5 - The Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre
    2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, Melbourne

    Current Series:
    Series 7 will be running from week commencing 30 September to week concluding 4 November

    • Monday

      Series 7
      This is a five week series as there is no class on Monday 4 November due to the Melbourne Cup public holiday

      Class Start Time Teacher
      Level One 6:30pm Jessica Thompson
      Ballet Basics 6:45pm Justine Miles
      Level Three 6:45pm Madeleine Eastoe
    • Tuesday

      Series 7
      This is a five week series as there is no class on Tuesday 5 November due to the Melbourne Cup public holiday

      Tuesday 15 October:

      • Filip's Level 2 class at 6:30pm will be taught by guest teacher Paul Knobloch
      • Justine's Level 3 class at 6:45pm will be taught by guest teacher Elizabeth Toohey

      Class Start Time Teacher
      Level Two 6:30pm Filip Janda
      Ballet Basics 6:45pm Sophie Fletcher
      Level Three 6:45pm Justine Miles
    • Thursday

      Series 7
      This is a five week series as there is no class on Thursday 31 October due to an event in the building

      Class Start Time Teacher
      Level One 6:30pm Jessica Thompson
      Level Two 6:45pm Sophie Fletcher
      Level Three 6:45pm Justine Miles
  • Pricing

    Full Series Bookings:
    Book your preferred class for all weeks in a series to save your spot in class and save $32!

    $133 for each five week booking*

    *Please note that there are no classes on Thursday 31 October due to an event in the building and classes on Monday 4 November and Tuesday 5 November are cancelled due to the Melbourne Cup public holiday

    Casual class:
    Can't commit to the full six weeks? Casual classes are available a week in advance so that you can learn at your own convenience

    $33 per ballet class

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Level 5, The Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre
    2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, Melbourne

    Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins to sign in

    What to wear

    • Non-restrictive tights or leggings
    • T-shirt, leotard or sports top
    • Ballet shoes 
    • Socks are not permitted in the studios but bare feet are allowed
    • Limited change room facilities are available before your class commences.

    What to bring

    • A bottle of water and a towel
    • It’s recommended that you don’t eat in the 90 minutes before class and are well hydrated

    Class etiquette

    • Please arrive on time as there is absolutely no late admittance after the first 15 minutes of class
    • Please sign in for all classes
    • Wash your hands before entering the studio
    • Please turn off phones and mobile devices
    • Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions
    • Family and friends are not permitted to attend classes if they are not booked in for the class
  • More Information

    Conditions of Entry

    Participants must be aged 18 and above to attend class.

    As there are no payment facilities available on-site, all bookings must be completed online prior to participating in the class.

    For security purposes and in case of an emergency, the names of individual event participants will be required for all classes. You may also be asked to provide additional details either at the time of booking or upon attending certain tours, classes and workshops including the participant’s address, date of birth and an emergency contact. The Australian Ballet reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of a participant’s registration, to refuse entry and to reject or disqualify a participant from participating in any classes.

    Late arrival may be treated as a forfeiting of participation in the event – The Australian Ballet takes no responsibility for causes of delays or lateness beyond the control of the company.

    Classes can be physically strenuous and participation is voluntary, based on a participant’s own assessment of their fitness, health and understanding of the class requirements. It is the responsibility of the participant to follow instructions given by class teachers to maintain personal safety.


    Cancelled Classes

    In the event a class needs to be cancelled, we will attempt to contact all who are booked in for that class around 2-3pm and all bookings for the cancelled class will be refunded. 


    Medical Conditions

    We require a letter from your doctor to participate if you:

    • are pregnant
    • have a history of heart condition or stroke
    • have a serious cardiovascular condition including hypertension, hypotension and heart failure
    • are currently using diuretics, barbiturates or beta-blockers

    For more information:

    Please visit our full Step Inside Events policies here

    For any enquiries about bookings, please call the Customer Experience Team on 1300 369 741

I have really remembered why I loved dancing all those years ago, my fitness has improved, my mental health is in good shape too and my creative side has an outlet again. I hadn’t anticipated any of those outcomes and so great are the personal rewards and enjoyment that I then signed up for another week of classes.