The Australian Ballet

Holiday Highlights

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After a hectic 2022, The Australian Ballet dancers were able to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. We check in with some of our talented artists and find out what they got up to over the break!

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George-Murray Nightingale

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George-Murray Nightingale

The highlight of my holidays was definitely when I got married to Lucien Xu. All my family flew over from the UK for the wedding and watched me dance at the Sydney Opera House, it was definitely a surreal moment for me. Some of them haven’t seen me dance since I was 13. It was the happiest day of my life having people from all parts of my journey in Australia seeing the life I have here and finally meeting Lucien for the first time.


Bryce Latham and Samara Merrick

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Bryce Latham

A highlight from my holiday was traveling to Bali, Indonesia with fellow company dancer Samara and enjoying the tranquil nature and calming soundings of Bali. We visited so many destinations and packed our holiday with fun and amazing activities. It was great to have time away resting my mind and letting my body recover after my first year with The Australian Ballet and I’m excited to begin the 2023 season.

“Spending New Years in Paris with some of my best friends!” — Lil­ly Maskery

Rina Nemoto and Olga Evreinoff at The Royal Ballet London

Photo Rina Nemoto

Rina Nemoto

I was awarded the Walter Bourke scholarship in 2019, but due to the pandemic wasn’t able to participate until now. My highlight was going to London and taking class with The Royal Ballet and receiving private coaching from Olga Evreinoff for three weeks. It was an amazing opportunity, and my highlight of this trip is working with Olga. She gave me everything she had and I learnt so much from her.

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Riley Lapham

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Riley Lapham

I spent 3 and a half weeks travelling to various cities in Europe and the UK over my holiday, so it's difficult to pick one memorable moment that stands out! One of the many highlights was ringing in the New Year in Berlin. My partner and I spent the night celebrating at our friends’ place where we got to meet a bunch of new people from all walks of life.

Just before midnight, we all walked down to the Spree River to watch the fireworks. Just as the New Year ticked over, fireworks went off all over the place, as its legal (and very popular) to buy your own and let them off. It was absolute chaos and totally magical.

Another highlight was getting to meet and spend time with my Czech relatives in Prague that I'd never met before. Getting to understand and learn more about my heritage and family history was really special.

“The highlight of my holidays was definitely when I got married to Lucien Xu” — George-Mur­ray Nightingale
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Amy Harris and Brett Chynoweth

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Amy Harris

Spending time with my family. But it felt different this holiday. We had our first holiday as a family of four, just us. We went to a friend's place in Porepunkah, just outside of Bright, and while it was only four days it was what we all needed. I think we as a family felt the effects of our first full year of work, school and day care and the daily juggle post Covid. It was so lovely to be able to stop (and I mean fully stop) and be present and in the moment, enjoying the simple things in life like card games, swimming and just being all together without the rush and stress of logistics that is our life. Pure magic.