The Australian Ballet Centre Car Park

Car Park FAQ

2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank

How do I use my digital parking voucher?
Upon entry, present the voucher on your mobile screen and insert it into the scanner, barcode-first, to enter the car park. 

Top Tips for scanning your voucher:

  • Ensure that the barcode is clearly visible and located on the top of your mobile screen
  • Insert your mobile face-up and barcode-first
  • Check your screen brightness is turned up
  • Ensure your screen is set to portrait view
  • Large mobile devices may not fit inside the scanner. In these instances, we recommend you print your voucher 

Once you've successfully scanned your voucher, the boom arm will raise after you hear a confirmation beep and entry will be granted. Proceed to the next available car space. 

To exit, present the voucher on your mobile screen and insert it into the scanner and the boom arm will raise allowing your exit.

Can I use pre-paid vouchers on other nights, or only for the ballet?
Pre-paid vouchers can be booked for any day of the year, not just for the ballets.  

What happens if the barcode does not work on the night?
An intercom is available at both the entry and exit gates. This will connect you directly to our car park attendants who will be able to provide assistance.

Does my pre-paid parking voucher booking allocate a specific parking space for me and where should I park once I have entered?
If you hold a pre-paid parking voucher we allocate the correct number of spaces in our car park for you to find a space. You may park in any space in the car park that is unoccupied unless parking signage indicates otherwise.

What happens if I lose my pre-paid vouchers?
Unfortunately, we are unable to replace lost car park vouchers. Should you wish to purchase another one please contact our customer experience team on 1300 369 741.

Can I use vouchers from prior years?
Vouchers are valid for single entry only, once used they are no longer valid. Vouchers must be used prior to the expiry date printed on the voucher. 
Unused vouchers purchased in 2020 and 2021 have been extended and may be used up until 31 December 2022 for a single one-time entry. 

Can I park in a reserved space? 
You are welcome to park in spaces signed 'Reserved' in red outside the hours of 6am – 6pm Monday to Friday. No parking is allowed in spaces that are signed '24 hours, 7 days' in yellow at any time.

I share my parking/program vouchers with my Co-Subscriber, how do I know which voucher has already been used?
Each voucher will have a unique number that can be used to identify each one. We encourage you to make a note of which vouchers have been sent using this number. Vouchers are single-use only.

More Questions?

If the above information doesn't answer your question, please visit our Contact Us page or call our customer experience team on 1300 369 741, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm AEST, excluding public holidays.