You Can Keep Australia Dancing

While 2020 may be shaping up a little differently to how we had envisaged, we remain focused on our mission to delight and inspire all Australians through the power of ballet, and we’re excited about what 2021 has in store.

Your support will mean we can plan for our return to the stage as well as extensive community engagement beyond the stage – proudly reflecting and celebrating everything we love about Australia in all we do.

Please consider giving a gift or making a donation to the company via the links below. Donations of $2 and above are fully tax-deductible.

Your generosity will make it possible for us to keep dancing through the coming months and into 2021.

To discuss other ways you can support The Australian Ballet, you can contact our your relevant Patrons Manager.


Every time we look at the stage we see beauty, grace, romance, artistry, sheer strength, power and athleticism in settings that stand us among the world’s best. This is made possible by everyone making the extra effort: great teachers, great dancers, a great support team and great philanthropic patrons.

Kenneth W Watkins, Director of Philanthropy