Special Events, Talks and Classes

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Special events, talks and classes

Ballet doesn’t sparkle without skill and sweat. Find out how the magic happens and go behind the curtain with our annual series of events and talks.

In 2020, we're giving you the chance to peek into our Production Centre, where you can see a world premiere in the making; we're opening the doors to our newly renovated Primrose Potter Ballet Centre; and we're giving you the opportunity to take classes in our studios. We've got ballet for the little ones, special talks for the music enthusiasts and entertainment especially for your lunchbreak.

Join us! 

You don’t get quick fixes in ballet.


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The rehearsal room is a very special place. It’s a place where a lot of knowledge is disseminated and where dancers can hone their craft. It is where roles are built and developed, to the point where they are ready to be put on stage. It’s quite an amazing atmosphere.

Ballet Master & Regional Touring Associate Steven Heathcote