Behind the Scenes
A morning with the dancers

Behind the Scenes

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Behind each of our performances, there’s a world of dedicated artists striving to bring you their best. Watch from your theatre seat as our dancers go through their morning training routine, with commentary from our artistic staff. You’ll also see our top dancers rehearsing a pas de deux from an upcoming production.



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Ages 6 and above

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Behind the Scenes

Get up close and personal with the extraordinary dancers of The Australian Ballet

Photography Dan Boud & Pierre Toussaint

    • 2022 Melbourne

      Arts Centre Melbourne
      100 St Kilda Rd

      Day Date Time Venue
      Friday 10 June 11:30am State Theatre
      Friday 24 June 11:30am State Theatre
      Friday 30 September 11:30am State Theatre
      Friday 14 October 11:30am State Theatre
    • 2022 Adelaide

      Her Majesty's Theatre
      58 Grote St, Adelaide

      Day Date Time Venue
      Tuesday 12 July 11:30am Her Majesty's Theatre
    • 2022 Sydney

      Sydney Opera House
      Bennelong Point, Sydney

      Day Date Time Venue
      Tuesday 15 November 11:30am Joan Sutherland Theatre
      Tuesday 20 December 11:30am Joan Sutherland Theatre

Fabulous experience for those who understand ballet class and also for those who have never seen what happens in a ballet class.

Behind the Scenes audience member