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Act I
A village square

The people in the village are preparing for the Harvest Festival. A gift of a bell is given to the village by The Lord and his Lady.

Dr Coppelius and his mysterious "daughter" cause an argument between Swanilda (one of the girls in the village) and her fiancé Franz.

The villagers go home to bed, while Swanilda and her cheeky friends sneak into Dr Coppelius’ house.

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Act II
Inside Dr Coppelius' house

Swanilda and her friends look for the girl they saw earlier on the balcony. Dr Coppelius returns and finds the girls; he chases them all out of the house, except Swanilda, who is able to hide!

Franz also sneaks into the house. Swanilda pretends to be Coppélia, Dr Coppelius’ doll. He is tricked into thinking his mechanical doll has come to life.

When Dr Coppelius discovers Swanhilda has tricked him and his doll has not come alive at all, he is left broken-hearted.

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The church

Swanhilda and Franz are married at the church.

The entire town celebrate by dancing and enjoying the Harvest Festival.

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