The Australian Ballet

Vintage Giselle

With its compelling arc from first love through tragedy to a life-and-death battle in ghost-haunted woods, the Romantic-era ballet Giselle has lasted the centuries, and remains an indispensable part of the repertoire for ballet companies all around the world. Since 1986, the production staged by our former artistic director Maina Gielgud has been interpreted by generations of our stars. We've gathered together some of the most beautiful moments from the past to celebrate our love affair with Gielgud's Giselle.

Thank you to our Living Heritage Partner CHANEL, who is helping us to preserve our precious archival images.

600 x 800 Christine Walsh in Maina Gielguds Giselle Photography Branco Gaica 1987 min

Christine Walsh. Photography Branco Gaica

600 x 800 Giselle 07432 min

Joanne Michel. Photography ABC TV

600 x 800 Giselle 00702 min

Christine Walsh backstage at The Kirov Theatre during a performance of Giselle

600 x 800 Giselle 00747 copy min

Christine Walsh and David Ashmole. Photography Branco Gaica

600 x 800 Giselle 06426 min

Christine Walsh

Giselle 00750 copy min

Kelvin Coe and Christine Walsh rehearsing Giselle with Ballet Master Colin Peasley. Photography Jim McFarlane

600 x 800 Giselle 06557 copy min

Lisa Pavane and Greg Horseman rehearsing Giselle with the great Russian star Galina Ulanova. Photography The Age

600 x 800 Fiona Tonkin in Maina Gielguds Giselle Photography Branco Gaica1992 min

Fiona Tonkin Photography Branco Gaica