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The Sleeping Beauty: On the Page

When David McAllister thought about a designer for his new production of The Sleeping Beauty, Gabriela Tylesova was his dream choice. She has realised his vision for the ballet with her characteristic blend of the bold and the fanciful – and lashings of what David calls “old-school theatre magic”. Here are just a few of her beautiful costume sketches for The Sleeping Beauty.

Carabosse is the villain of the piece, the one who tricks and curses Aurora – but in David McAllister’s production, she’s a more complex figure. She’s the Fairy of Wisdom (note her owl), and is more hurt and vengeful than outright evil.

The costume for the Fairy of Generosity is harvest-themed; it’s adorned with wheat sheaves and cornflours. The lavish skirts of Tylesova’s tutus echo the designs of the original Russian productions.

The nymphs attend the Lilac Fairy in the woodland Vision Scene, in which the Prince is shown the sleeping Aurora and falls in love with her.

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Design for Carabosse, the Fairy of Wisdom, by Gabriela Tylesova

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Design for the Fairy of Generosity by Gabriela Tylesova

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Design for a nymph by Gabriela Tylesova

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