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The last act: Amber Scott prepares for her final bow

TAB The Sleeping Beauty Mc Allister Brisbane Photo Kate Longley 126

Principal Artist Amber Scott, The Sleeping Beauty (McAllister)
Photo Kate Longley

After 22 years with The Australian Ballet, Amber Scott steadies herself for her final season in Swan Lake. Behind Ballet speaks with the veteran dancer about her favourite moments and what she's looking forward to next.

TAB Suite en Blanc Brisbane Photo David Kelly 2014 1

Dancers Rudy Hawkes and Amber Scott, Suite en Blanc, 2014
Photo David Kelly

You must be one of the longest serving ballet dancers at The Australian Ballet, not only have you danced with the company since 2001 you also studied at The Australian Ballet School since you were 11 years old. How does it feel to be finishing up at a place you’ve called home for so long?

I think when you have grown up within the walls of an organisation, your relationship with that place doesn’t really ever finish. Life just keeps happening and you move forward with that. It feels like I have a lifetime of memories imprinted on my soul that will propel me onwards. It’s a real crossroads, a big life moment. To be simultaneously looking backwards, forwards and also within. There is definitely a mixture of feelings… happiness, nostalgia, gratitude, wonderment. Mostly I feel an overwhelming sense of love for this organisation and leave with the fullest heart! I feel like I’m about to leave home, which at this point in my life is a funny concept!

236666 TAB Adam Bull Amber Scott Credit Jim Mc Farlane

Principal Artists Adam Bull and Amber Scott, Swan Lake (Murphy), 2008
Photo Jim McFarlane

What have been some of your favourite roles to play, and are there any roles on your bucket list you haven’t fulfilled?

I love the purity of Suite en Blanc, Balanchine’s Apollo and all of Stephen Baynes' ballets. The Murphy Swan Lake is an absolute heartbreaker for me and was a huge part of my development as a dancer. I also adored the story ballets like Onegin, Manon, The Merry Widow and Giselle. Tutu top picks were the traditional Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland© was all of my childhood dreams coming to life onstage! Wayne McGregor pieces were insanely inspiring, challenging and rewarding… I really can’t pick. I loved them all so much!

TAB Giselle Melbourne Photo Lynette Wills 2015 9

Principal Artists Amber Scott and Ty King-Wall, Giselle (Gielgud) 2015
Photo Lynette Wills

What are some of your plans for the future?

For the next little while I will be taking a breath to reflect on this amazing moment and enfolding my two little girls in many, many cuddles! I hope to teach in the future, it feels like the right thing to do, to pass on the knowledge I have been given to a new generation. I’ll be joining my husband Ty who retired from the company last year and cheering the dancers on from the other side of the curtain.

Swan Lake Studio Amber Callum BJ 2 1

Principal Artists Amber Scott and Callum Linnane
Photo Brodie James

The Melbourne season of Swan Lake will be your last. You’ve danced in many different versions of arguably the world’s most famous ballet, why do you think it remains so popular?

There’s just something timelessly intriguing about Swan Lake, something intangible that both dancers and audiences just keep being drawn to. For me it is always the music. There is nothing like the hauntingly beautiful theme of the lake.

TAB The Merry Widow Sydney Photo Kate Longley 2018 39

Principal Artist Amber Scott with artists of The Australian Ballet, The Merry Widow, 2018
Photo Kate Longley

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be courageous, be gentle on yourself, trust your instincts, be open to all information. Listen, absorb and experiment more. Don’t wish any moment away!

29 TAB Molto Vivace Melbourne Photo Jeff Busby 2010 0645

Principal Artists Amber Scott and Adam Bull, Molto Vivace (Baynes), 2010
Photo Jeff Busby

What advice do you have for the next generation of dancers?


TAB Coppelia van Praagh Sydney Photo Kate Longley 2016 93

Principal Artist Amber Scott and David Hallberg, Coppelia (Van Praagh), 2016
Photo Kate Longley

What will you miss most about performing?

The feeling of freedom, the escapism and the pure joy of telling a story amongst wonderful artists. The twinkling lights of a theatre in the night.

Swan Lake Studio Amber Callum BJ 52 1

Principal Artist Amber Scott rehearsing Swan Lake (Woolliams), 2023
Photo Brodie James

What will you miss the least?

The nervous wait for the show between 3pm and 7.30pm!

TAB Swan Lake Baynes Sydney Photo Kate Longley 2016 a70

Principal Artist Amber Scott, Swan Lake (Baynes), 2016
Photo Kate Longley

Any final thoughts?

I’ve had the time of my life! There are so many people to thank I need a novel! All I can say is that my ballet dreams came true from a lot of hard work, determination and a good dash of luck. And it’s all been made possible because of the village of my family, friends, teachers, health team, directors, choreographers, costumiers, techies, patrons and many, many more. They know who they are and I love them all.

I will miss our audiences and am so grateful for the years of warmth and support I have received from them. Now I’ll be joining in the applause as we watch the next generation of Australian dancers' flourish.

Amber Scott's final performance will take place on closing night of the Melbourne Swan Lake season.

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