The Australian Ballet

The Designs of The Happy Prince

1080 x 550 LW 04 min

Want to get a feel for the vibrant colour, larger-than-life characters and humour of The Happy Prince, our world-premiere ballet by Graeme Murphy? Check out Kim Carpenter’s lovingly detailed designs.

600 x 800 LW 20 min

The Happy Prince

How do you make a dancer look like a statue - and still be able to move? This fluid gold suit is Carpenter's solution.

600 x 800 LW 26 min

The Swallow

The faithful Swallow, who delays his journey south to help the Happy Prince give his wealth to the poor, is transformed in this version into a larky teenager with punk stylings and a skateboard. He will learn some beautiful lessons about loyalty and sacrifice.

600 x 800 LW 25 min

Rita Reed

The Swallow is infatuated with a sinuous Reed, whose costume suggests the showgirls of the Tivoli era.

600 x 800 LW 05 min

The Artist

The poor Artist, one of the struggling souls that the Happy Prince longs to help, is assailed by doubt but buoyed up by his muse.

The Mayoress

In Wilde's version, we have a Mayor, but Graeme Murphy makes her into a florid Mayoress.

600 x 800 LW 24 min
600 x 800 LW 11 min
600 x 800 LW 19 min

The Little Match Girl

High on his statue, the Happy Prince can see the plight of his vulnerable subjects, like the little girl who sells matches on the street.

600 x 800 LW 02 min

The Seamstress' Son

The Seamstress labours over fine dresses for rich ladies, but is too poor to care for her sick son. With the help of riches bestowed on her by the Swallow from the Happy Prince, she can help him get well again.