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Fairy-tale Christmas ideas

TAB Nutcracker Wright Melbourne Photo Jeff Busby 2019 a10

With the festive season well and truly upon us, it can be stressful to find the perfect gift, but with a little help from the fairies from The Sleeping Beauty, Christmas can be truly magical. There's nothing more wonderful than picking the perfect gift for a loved one or seeing a little person light up at the sight of presents piled under the tree. From graceful gifts to delightful treats, let the fairy-tale festivities begin!

Thanks to our heritage partner CHANEL, we are preserving this historic production and the boundless gifts ballet brings us all.

TAB The Sleeping Beauty Mc Allister Sydney Photo Daniel Boud 2017 8

Nicola Curry In David McAllister's The Sleeping Beauty

Photo Daniel Boud


In The Sleeping Beauty, the fairy of Grace gifts young princess Aurora a delicate crystal glass, symbolising the purity and beauty she bestows upon her. Take inspiration from her with a set of crystal champagne flutes or delicate vase.

Gifting inspiration: Crystal champagne flutes

TAB The Sleeping Beauty Mc Allister Adelaide Photo Kate Longley 2018 107 1

Amanda McGuigan in David McAllister's The Sleeping Beauty

Photo Kate Longley

The Fairy of the Enchanted Garden

Also know as Fleur de farine (wheat flower), this energetic fairy traditionally gives Aurora the gift of beauty. In David McAllister’s 2018 production, she becomes the fairy of Joy, displaying a joyous party spirit. This party girl loves to dance and anything bright, shiny and fun would suit her bubbly nature.

Gifting inspiration: A disco ball

600 x 800 Sleeping Beauty side stage Hendricks Bull kate Longley 89

Rina Nemoto. Photography Kate Longley


Generosity is also known as Miettes qui tombent (scattered breadcrumbs) or the Fairy of the Woodland Glades, she represents fertility and good fortune. However, this fairy can also be taken literally, with previous productions taking inspiration from her name and creating a breadcrumb themed costume.

Gifting inspiration: Pastry making classes

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Jade Wood Photo Kate Longley


The Fairy of Musicality gives Aurora the gift of song, both a beautiful singing and speaking voice. Let the Songbird fairy be your muse with tickets to a live music event, a streaming service subscription, or vinyl record player for the truly old school.

Gifting Inspiration: A karaoke machine

TAB The Sleeping Beauty Mc Allister Adelaide Photo Kate Longley 2018 85 1

Karen Nanasca Photo Kate Longley


I’m sure there are many parents who would love the power to gift their child with a good-natured temperament, or even the ability to sleep through the night. Fortunately for the King and Queen, Violente, or the Fairy of the Golden Vine is on hand to provide their baby princess a sweet temperament and strong conviction. If someone in your life is looking to reacquaint themselves with their Zen, perhaps a spa day or massage is just what the Temperament fairy ordered.

Gifting Inspiration: A yoga retreat

600 x 800 Sleeping Beauty side stage Hendricks Bull kate Longley 80

Ako Kondo. Photo Kate Longley.


The Lilac Fairy is a powerful magic creature throughout folklore who represents wisdom. In The Sleeping Beauty it is her magic that alters Carabosse’s curse and saves princess Aurora. It is thought that before she saved the day with her counter-curse she was to bestow Aurora the gift of wisdom. Take a leaf out of the Lilac fairy’s book and give an audiobook subscription or foreign language class to keep their astute minds occupied.

Gifting inspiration: A leather bound notebook to write down their many important thoughts.

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