The Australian Ballet

Bodytorque On Stage

The 2019 edition of bodytorque.atelier at Melbourne's Lawler Theatre took us on a ride through seven very different works and a cascade of emotions. In an intimate environment, seven choreographers (three of them from our dancer ranks) presented work freshly made on our dancers. We were there to capture each world premiere.


Rani Luther, a former dancer of The Australian Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater, made a work about emotional connection, with music by Louis Verne. It featured Lisa Craig, Luke Marchant, Amanda McGuigan and Jake Mangakahia

600 x 800 LW014 min

Lisa Craig and Luke Marchant. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW031 min

Lisa Craig and Luke Marchant. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW019 min

Amanda McGuigan and Jake Mangakahia. Photography Lynette Wills


François-Eloi Lavignac collaborated with artist Lani Mitchell to make a silk motif for his work, which used music by Ravel and featured Isobelle Dashwood, with either Jill Ogai and Jasmin Durham, or Riley Lapham and Sara Andrlon.

600 x 800 LW042 min

Jill Ogai. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW051 min

Jasmin Durham, Jill Ogai and Isobelle Dashwood. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW048 min

Jill Ogai and Jasmin Durham. Photography Lynette Wills

A Timepiece

Mason Lovegrove's piece revolved around the intangibility of the fleeting moment. It was set to Philip Glass' Company and featured Nathan Brook, Serena Graham, Cameron Holmes, Annaliese Macdonald and Joseph Romancewicz.

600 x 800 LW086 min

Serena Graham and Nathan Brook. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 500 LW083 min

Artists of A Timepiece. Photography Lynette Wills


Amelia Drummond is the winner of the 2019 Emerging Female Choreographers Award, an initiative of The Australian Ballet, Sydney Opera House and Dance Australia magazine. Part of the award is the opportunity to make a work on our dancers. Einsamkeit, a reflection on loneliness, is the piece she developed; it was set to Elena Kats-Chernin's Blue Silence, and featured Saranja Crowe, Evie Ferris, Sean Kiley and Kelsey Stokes.

600 x 800 LW070 min

Evie Ferris. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW075 min

Kelsey Stokes. Photography Lynette Wills


Petros Treklis, formerly a member of Sydney Dance Company, made a duet about "loss, grief and denial", with music by Fauré, featuring Corey Herbert and Shaun Andrews.

600 x 800 LW034 min

Corey Herbert and Shaun Andrews. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 700 LW036 min

Corey Herbert and Shaun Andrews. Photography Lynette Wills

Some Place High Up...

Timothy Coleman created a sensual pas de deux, set to originally commissioned music by Stuart Greenbaum and featuring a lush red dress by Anna French (originally created for Stephen Baynes' ballet Raymonda in 2006). There were two casts: Jake Mangakahia and Katherine Sonnekus, as well as Marcus Morelli and Jade Wood.

600 x 800 LW059 min

Jake Mangakahia and Katherine Sonnekus. Photography Lynette Wills

Fall In

Lina Limosi, a former member of Australian Dance Theatre (among many other companies), made a work about social conformity, set to Arvo Pärt's Summa and featuring Jacqueline Clark, Rohan Furnell, Drew Hedditch and Montana Rubin.

600 x 800 LW011 min

Montana Rubin and Rohan Furnell. Photography Lynette Wills

600 x 800 LW005 min

Drew Hedditch. Photography Lynette Wills