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5 Reasons you need to see Giselle

Maina Gielgud says it: “There’s everything in Giselle. Love, heartbreak, madness … and a lot of pure dance.” Here are five reasons not to Miss Maina’s sublime production of this great Romantic ballet.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2018

Ty King-Wall and Amber Scott. Photography Jeff Busby

The Love Story

The innocent Giselle and the careless Albrecht move from infatuation and betrayal to a tender, redemptive love guaranteed to melt your heart.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2418

Dimity Azoury. Photography Jeff Busby

The Ghosts

The woodland scenes of Giselle, haunted by graceful, drifting wilis (the dangerous spirits of jilted brides) are some of the most eerily beautiful in ballet.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2301

Amber Scott and artists of The Australian Ballet
Photo Jeff Busby

The Mad Scene

Giselle’s poignant breakdown and death when she learns of Albrecht’s infidelity is a tour-de-force for the ballerina – it's a mad scene worthy of Shakespeare, and will have you on the edge of your seat.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2675

Amber Scott and Ty King-Wall. Photography Jeff Busby

Romantic Beauty

Watching Act II of Giselle is like seeing an old lithograph come to life. Take a divine time trip to the grace and delicacy of the Romantic era.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2591

Ty King-Wall. Photography Jeff Busby

Layers of interpretation

George Balanchine said, “Like Hamlet, Giselle is a classic … people go to see Giselle and to see ballerinas dance it for the same reason we go to see new interpretations of Hamlet … we always discover something in it we hadn’t seen before.” We can't wait to see the fresh interpretations of our dancers in these roles.

600 x 800 TAB GISELLE 2687 high res
A ghostly figure in a white dress dances against a dark black background.


  • Melbourne / Naarm July 2023