The Merry Widow by The Australian Ballet

| 06 August 2020

Expires 5pm (AEST) Thursday 20 August 2020 

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Irresistibly frothy and lavishly theatrical, The Merry Widow has enough tangled affairs, narrow misses and jealous lovers to fuel a French farce. The tiny nation of Pontevedro is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the dashing Count Danilo must rescue his country by marrying the newly widowed and fabulously wealthy Hanna Glawari. Only when they meet does he realise that she’s his childhood sweetheart – and she hasn’t forgiven him for jilting her years ago.  

Based on the beloved operetta, this lively tale will transport you to the ballrooms of Belle Époque Paris and is overflowing with champagne, romance, glitz and glamour.  

Created especially for The Australian Ballet and staring Amber Scott as Hanna and Adam Bull as Count Danilo, this show-stopping production was filmed at the Sydney Opera House in 2018 with OAO. 


Click to access the original production program and the cast sheet, which will tell you who dances which role and what happens in the ballet.


Scenario Robert Helpmann 
Choreography Ronald Hynd 
Music Franz Lehár 
Based on the operetta by Victor Léon and Leo Stein 
Arranged and orchestrated by John Lanchbery 
Costume and set design Desmond Heeley 
Original lighting design Francis Croese 
Presented by arrangement with Glocken Verlag Ltd 
Generously supported by The Margaret Ellen Pidgeon Fund 


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