Spartacus by The Australian Ballet

| 23 July 2020

Expires 5pm (AEST) Thursday 6 August 2020 

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Join the rebellion …  

Our 2018 production of Spartacus traces the journey of a hero who fights for freedom from oppression. Choreographer Lucas Jervies, a NIDA-trained director and a former dancer with The Australian Ballet, breathed new life into one of The Australian Ballet’s most popular works. Inspired by Steven Heathcote’s fierce 1990 portrayal of the Thracian warrior and transported by Khachaturian’s music, he was determined to reimagine Spartacus for the 21st century.  

Spartacus, based on a true story, focuses on a gladiator who led a slaves’ rebellion against the Roman empire. Charting the journey of a man finding passionate love, his mission and his freedom, the ballet showcases our male dancers at their spirited and athletic best as the slaves who rise against the tyranny of their rulers. 

We’re excited to bring two versions of Spartacus to your screens.  

Our 2018 production stars Kevin Jackson as Spartacus and Robyn Hendricks as his wife Flavia, and was filmed at Arts Centre Melbourne with Orchestra Victoria. 

Click to access the original production program and the cast sheet, which will tell you who dances which role and what happens in the ballet.


Choreography Lucas Jervies 
Music Aram Khachaturian 
Costume and set design Jérôme Kaplan 
Lighting design Benjamin Cisterne 
Dramaturge Imara Savage 
Fight Director Nigel Poulton 


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