Bodytorque.Digital | 13 February 2021

The final work in our Bodytorque.Digital season is Timothy Coleman’s ambitious ensemble piece Placeless, produced in partnership with Orchestra Victoria. Filmed in the Joan Hammond Hall at Orchestra Victoria, with the musicians onstage becoming part of the movement, Placeless examines different facets of the question; "Who are we without a place to perform and without an audience to perform to?”


Choreography and Direction Timothy Coleman
Performed by Jasmin Durham, Montana Rubin, Drew Hedditch, Marcus Morelli, Katherine Sonnekus, Jade Wood and Jett Ramsay
Composer Georgia Scott, "Placeless" 
Piano Duncan Salton
Percussion Mat Levy
Cello Melissa Chominsky


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Choreographer's Note

This piece began its life at the beginning of 2020 as a congregation of placeless phrases I had created as movement experiments over the last few years. I had intended the choreography to stand on its own without an underlying structure of narrative or context but as 2020 showed its hand the placelessness took on new meaning. All our performances were cancelled and we were confined to our living rooms. As performers we had become placeless ourselves. This brought to light the question of how we draw identity from the places we inhabit – who are we without a place to perform and without an audience to perform to? Each section of the film became an embodiment of different facets of that very question. - Timothy Coleman


Composer's Note

When I first sat down with Tim (over Zoom) I was immediately electrified by the idea of placelessness, which is so beautifully represented through his choreography. 

It was incredibly exciting for me to have the opportunity to explore how this concept might be sonically represented, both in terms of rhythm and tonality, and to be able to be able to gain inspiration from the contrast between restless energy and sweeping choreographic gestures used throughout the work.  - Georgia Scott