New Ghost

From The Archive | 26 August 2020

New Ghost is the second of five new works from our choreographic development program Bodytorque.Digital. It was choreographed by our dancer Mason Lovegrove and performed by real-life couple Serena Graham and Joseph Romancewicz.

Shot against the old masters in National Gallery of Victoria* and featuring a specially composed score by Tomas Parrish, this intimate film will remind you of everything you love about live dance.

*Please note, this was filmed prior to Melbourne Stage 4 restrictions.

Choreography Mason Lovegrove
Performed by Serena Graham and Joseph Romancewicz
Music ‘New Ghost’ Tomas Parrish
Violin Erica Kennedy
Cello Melissa Chominsky


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"Who is change, who is fear? A pit in your stomach, empty lungs, shaking hands. What happens when you sit with them? Get to know them, make peace with them?
New Ghost was created through a process of exploring and understanding. Asking questions and being patient when the answers don’t immediately appear."
- Mason Lovegrove

"We are in a time of restrictions and restraints. We either make the choice to work with or against these frameworks, and deal with the consequences. New Ghost began as a commission and a collaboration with choreographer Mason Lovegrove after discussions about our current climate.
New feelings that are reminiscent of something past. Old thoughts in new contexts. These ghosts can rise in ways we didn't realise they could; handshakes, a deserted street, a singular empty coffee mug. How do we experience these today, and how do we let them go?"
- Tomas Parrish