La Sylphide by The Australian Ballet

2020 Digital Season | 28 May 2020

Expires 5pm (AEST) Thursday 11 June 2020 


In 1832, Marie Taglioni drifted onto the Paris Opera’s stage in La Sylphide – and Romance was born. La Sylphide revolutionised ballet, putting women en pointe and giving audiences their first glimpse of the Romantic ballerina – weightless in a froth of gauze, unattainable and unearthly.  

In this poignant two-act work, the Scottish dreamer James is fascinated by a woodland sprite, and jilts his fiancée to follow her into the forest. Intent on capturing the ethereal beauty for his own, he accepts the help of the vengeful witch Madge, who leads him to his downfall.  

A quintessentially Romantic work, La Sylphide cements its place in history as one of the world's oldest surviving ballets. 

Starring Leanne Stojmenov as the Sylph and Daniel Gaudiello as James, this production was filmed in 2013 at the Sydney Opera House with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra.


Click to access the original production program and the cast sheet, which will tell you who dances which role and what happens in the ballet.


Choreography Erik Bruhn after August Bournonville 

Music Herman Løvenskiold 

Costume and set design Anne Fraser 

Original lighting design William Akers 

Reproduced by Francis Croese 


With the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra 

Conductor Paul Murphy 

Concertmaster Huy-Nguyen Bui 


This production is proudly brought to you by our Official Pointe Shoe Partner Bloch


The Sylphide 
His mother 
Effie, his fiancée 
Gurn, his cousin 
Nancy, Effie’s friend 
Madge, a witch 


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