Ground Level

Bodytorque.Digital | 21 January 2021

Ground Level is the fourth work released as part of our choreographic development program Bodytorque.Digital. It was choreographed by Amelia Drummond, recipient of the 2019 Emerging Female Classical Choreographer Initiative, and performed by two of our newest company dancers, Belle Urwin and Adam Elmes and filmed on location at our Altona Production Centre.

Choreography Amelia Drummond
Performed by Belle Urwin and Adam Elmes
Music 'Ground Level of my Mind’s Eye' Natalie Nicolas
Violin Yi Wang  
Viola Thomas Higham
Cello Diane Froomes
Cinematography Brett Ludeman and David Ward  
Production David Ward 


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Choreographer's Note

Ground Level. Not being up, but also not too far down – not so far below earth level you feel you may never stand up and walk again. Precariously balanced on ground level.

We started working on this project in April and it has been my privilege to work with a team of artists at a time when the arts are not on steady ground.

As the whole world is experiencing loss and isolation of some kind, I think of the people who were already in a constant state of isolation with themselves and within their minds, and who will continue to be once everything is ‘normal’ again. Sitting in darkness can allow for lightness to eventually surface, and with Ground Level I challenged myself to explore the idea of hope in some form and what that could look like today, among the darkness. My work also speaks about the people who support us in our darkest moments, and the connections that run between us.

In the creation process, I have learned a little about the art of adaptability. We can try to control the most minute details, which make little difference in the end. This work is not what I originally imagined, but changes can work out for the better, and this piece has proven that to me. It has also reconnected me with creativity, and I’ve loved every second.

My work is dedicated to someone close to me whom I wish I could make better; I wish I could take away the pain of a mental illness that I can’t physically see or decipher. Sometimes I don’t know what to say, but I hope that this speaks to you from my heart.

Amelia Drummond




Composer's Note

Ground Level of my Mind's Eye is a work that explores the fragility, vulnerability and volatility of the mind in its darkest moments. In a world where mental health has become a more generally ubiquitous conversation, and more specifically in the context of a global pandemic and the toll we've seen that take on the population's headspace, this piece reflects the struggles of working through the rises and falls of the unstable mind. The aim is that it provides an empathetic platform for others to relate to, seek comfort in, and feel personally expressed by. 

Natalie Nicolas