Bodytorque.Digital | 05 February 2021

The latest work in our Bodytorque.Digital season is Paul Knobloch’s Breathe, produced in partnership with Orchestra Victoria. In a time of prolonged separation, this moving work, shot on the dark stages of Melbourne’s National Theatre, reaffirms our primal need for touch.


Director and Choreographer Paul Knobloch 
Performed by Robyn Hendricks, Amy Harris, Jarryd Madden, George Murray Nightingale and Lucien Xu 
Music Concerto in D Minor BWV 974: Adagio J.S.Bach/Alessandro Marcello (transcribed for cello and piano)
Piano Duncan Salton
Cello Melissa Chominsky
Cinematography and Production Sean Higgins Shotography


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Choreographer's Note


“Parted people, hands longing to hold, masked mouths filled with whispers, trepidation seized by time, until time passes, we long for human touch.”

As we celebrate a new year we also take time to reflect upon the year that was 2020. From a warm handshake to a sympathetic hug to a congratulatory pat on the back, we have developed complex languages and emotional expressions through physical contact. In today’s world are these gestures becoming a threat?

This work is inspired by the importance of human touch. Touch is the mother of all senses. It is the first sensory system we develop and the first form of human contact and communication. As we touch, connect and dance we become a force of movement, weaving hearts, touching souls and provoking healing at a time where it is so desperately needed.

It is through creativity that we have the power to transform human behaviour until we make the unconscious conscious. I hope this film helps us to connect with purpose in a time of prolonged separation from human touch.

I hope it allows us to provoke the healing of hearts and engage in the reawakening of purpose, empathy and touch.

Paul Knobloch