Luminous Beauty. Transcendent Love.

Swan Lake

136 minutes / 1 interval

From the first yearning bars of Tchaikovsky’s score, Swan Lake beckons you to another world. With its bewitched Swan Queen, doomed Prince, glittering villainess and drifts of white tutus, this is the ultimate night at the ballet.

Stephen Baynes’ traditional production, commissioned in 2012 for The Australian Ballet’s 50th anniversary, combines grand scale and psychological intimacy. His lost, forlorn Siegfried is drawn to the lake and its secret realm of mystery and enchantment, where he falls in love with the Swan Queen Odette. Tricked and betrayed by the seductive Black Swan Odile, he can redeem himself only in death.

Hugh Colman’s magnificent designs pit Edwardian splendour against the spectral beauty of the white acts. This is a timeless Swan Lake that will tingle your spine and stir your soul.

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Sit back and let your heart melt


Amber Scott danced the role of Odette/Odile in the world premiere of Stephen Baynes’ Swan Lake. She says of the role, “It’s like trying on a classic vintage dress. It’s going to look different on everyone, but the reason it’s lasted so long is because it’s such a perfect pure classic form to begin with … true beauty is timeless.”

In her guise as Odile, the magician’s daughter who poses as Odette to trap and betray Prince Siegfried, the ballerina must completely change the quality of her movement, from fluttery fragility to brittle, glittering allure.

Hugh Colman’s elegantly simple tiaras for the swans each feature a single tear-drop pearl, symbolising the tears of Odette’s parents, which formed the lake.


Choreography Stephen Baynes
Music Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Costume and set design Hugh Colman 
Lighting design Rachel Burke
Projection design and direction Domenico Bartolo (21-19)

An absolute must for any ballet fan, Swan Lake will haunt you long after you have left the theatre, in the most pleasant of ways.