Summertime at the Ballet LIVE

In 2021, for the first time ever we are live streaming a performance direct from the venue, with Live on Ballet TV - an exciting new way to experience The Australian Ballet in real-time from anywhere, supported by our Principal Partner Telstra.

Ballet fans across the world can get front-row seats to watch our upcoming performance of Summertime at the Ballet streamed LIVE from MCA, Melbourne Park. Watch the performance from the comfort of your own home and enjoy bonus commentary from David Hallberg and guests, as well as live interviews and behind the scenes footage exclusive to the live stream.

Summertime at the Ballet will be live streamed on Sunday 28 February at 11.45am AEDT. The stream will be available to watch LIVE or at your convenience over the following 48 hours. 

The live stream can be accessed by any device without needing to download any software or applications and can be cast to a Smart TV. Full information will be provided along with your link to view, 48 hours before the stream begins.

  • How do I watch the live stream?

    A link to watch the live stream will be emailed to you prior to the performance date.

    There will be one link per ticket purchased and each link will permit only one device to stream the performance. This includes SmartTVs, so you can invite a group of friends and stream direct from your TV.

    You will have up to 48 hours after the performance begins to access the live stream.

  • What time is the live stream?

    The live stream of Summertime at the Ballet will be available to watch in real time on Sunday 28 February at 11.45am AEDT, or at your convenience for the following 48 hour period post the live stream.

    The live stream includes pre-show entertainment and commentary exclusive to this event.

  • How many times can I watch the performance?

    The Summertime at the Ballet live stream is available to watch once only and within a single sitting. 

    The link to access the stream is available to view for 48 hours.

  • How much is the live stream?

    Summertime at the Ballet is available to stream for the special introductory price of $25 per virtual ticket, with a 10% discount for subscribers.

  • Can I gift a live stream ticket?

    Yes you can!

    In the days leading up to the live stream, you will be emailed a unique link for each ticket you purchased. If purchasing as a gift, you will need to forward the recipient their live-stream link.

We thank our partners