Symphony in C

Program notes

From Silence

Choreography Richard House
Music Michael Nyman Scent of Love and Love Doesn’t End
Costume and set design Kat Chan
Lighting design Jon Buswell

In From Silence I am paying homage to pieces of music that have stirred and inspired me for years. Michael Nyman's score is calm yet visceral and passionate – something I want to recreate in the couples' pas de deux movement. I'm intrigued by the stillness between the notes in the music, like unspoken emotions and ‘spaces between’ in our relationships.

For me, dance is about the abstraction of the human form and movement to visually represent the intangible. I want to explore when and how physical language becomes an emotional dialogue. At the same time, I want to avoid prescribing a particular response from the viewer because I believe it's so personal; everyone should curate their own interpretation.

Grand pas classique

Choreography after Viktor Gsovsky
Music Daniel-François-Esprit Auber
Original lighting design Rachel Burke reproduced by Graham Silver

Imaginary Masque

Choreography Stephen Baynes
Music Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme
Costume design Michael Pearce
Lighting design Jon Buswell

Little Atlas

Choreography and costume design Alice Topp
Music Ludovico Einaudi Fly and Experience
Lighting design Jon Buswell

"Memory fades, memory adjusts, memory conforms to what we think we remember." Joan Didion, Blue Nights 

"Such things that disappear in time that we find ourselves longing to see again. We search for them in close-up, as we search for our hands in a dream." Patti Smith, M Train 

Little Atlas is based around the notion of memories, and our attempts to recreate or unmake them. It explores our connection to people and places of the past – in particular, our attachment to the way these things made us feel, whether they're events that continue to plague us or places we return to for sanctuary. It’s as though we keep moments safe in our minds, the only place where long-lost pieces of the past can live on. Together, we carry our memories – each a unique map of scars and stories imprinted on our brains – through the trinity of past, present and future, bringing ourselves both comfort and discomfort, burden and blessing.

Diana and Actéon

Choreography after Agrippina Vaganova and Joseph Mazilier
Music Cesare Pugni
Original lighting design William Akers reproduced by Graham Silver

Symphony in C

Choreography George Balanchine ©School of American Ballet
Guest Repetiteur Eve Lawson
Music George Bizet Symphony in C
Costume and set design Tom Lingwood
Lighting design William Akers reproduced by Graham Silver