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Clarifying Carbon

  • Melbourne / Naarm
    Arts Centre Melbourne

    7 July 2023 (following the Jewels performance)

Clarifying Carbon

Deep beneath the Earth’s crust, extreme pressure and high temperatures push carbon atoms together, arranging them in a latticework structure that eventually evolves into the diamond. The dynamic arrangements of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music exemplify the alignment and re-arrangement of atoms with Serena Graham's unique phrasing that reimagines the idea of a 'diamond in the rough.'

David Diamond’s Rounds (for string orchestra) takes the raw stone, carefully refining it into a priceless jewel. From pressure, dedication and absolute precision, the diamond is born, a glittering multi-faceted gem that shines as brightly as The Australian Ballet.

Over the past 60 years, The Australian Ballet has continually re-arranged, re-imagined pushed creative boundaries. The themes of Clarifying Carbon run in parallel with the company that continues to refine and evolve through immense pressure and a dedication to artistry that is as rare and precious as a diamond.

Duration: Around 10 minutes

Production Credits

Clarifying Carbon

Choreographer Serena Graham
Music Steve Reich, Clapping Music
This performance of Clapping Music by Steve Reich is given by permission of Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, exclusive agents for Universal Edition A. G.
David Diamond, Rounds (for string orchestra)
This performance of Rounds (for string orchestra) by David Diamond are given by permission of Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, exclusive agents for Theodore Presser
Conductor Joel Bass
Violin Sulki Yu
Violin Erica Kennedy
Viola Thomas Higham
Cello Melissa Chominsky
Double Bass Stuart Riley