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A collective showcase of contemporary dance works

  • Melbourne

    11 – 13 August 2022

  • Duration

    90 mins

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This year, five up-and-coming choreographers from within The Australian Ballet’s dancing ranks will showcase works in Bodytorque; Jill Ogai, Timothy Coleman, Mason Lovegrove, Serena Graham and Benjamin Garret. From outside the company the work of Xanthe Geeves, winner of the 2020 Emerging Female Choreographer Initiative, will also be featured.

What is Bodytorque?

This annual program has become a breeding ground for some of The Australian Ballet’s brightest talents, including Alice Topp and Tim Harbour, both of whom have gone on to become resident choreographers for The Australian Ballet and created works for other dance organisations.

The Bodytorque program is enabled by the Geraldine Lawton Bequest.

Bodytorque is about emerging choreographic ideas for a new generation of creators.

David Hall­berg

Production credits

One Person Watching
Timothy Coleman
May Lyon

Mason Lovegrove
Tomas Parrish

in time
Jill Ogai
Rehearsal Director
Ingrid Gow
Rosa Clifford
Lines of Consistent Hue (Recording courtesy of Sydney Conservatorium
of Music, University of Sydney)
Three Voices, Two Arms

Johann Sebastian Bach
Movement I. Prélude from Cello Suite No. 1 in G major

In Ex Celsius
Serena Graham
Maurice Ravel
Movement II: Assez vif, très rythmé (A minor) from String Quartet in F major

Kids These Days
Benjamin Garrett
Alison Cole

Pura Vida
Xanthe Geeves
(Winner of the 2020 Emerging Female Choreographer Initiative)
Luigi Boccherini
Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid

Lighting design for Bodytorque
Graham Silver

Bodytorque, enabled by the Geraldine Lawton Bequest.

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