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Philanthropy has been a key proponent of quality orchestral and chamber music for thousands of years. We are inspired by our magnanimous philanthropic community.

Philanthropy is a vital part of Orchestra Victoria. It is only with the support of individuals, trusts and foundations and legacy gifts from bequests that we can go beyond our core; performing alongside our esteemed partners: The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Victorian Opera. We rely on philanthropy to carry out work outside of the pit: to provide world class music to Victorians across the state and continue our mOVe education program for aspiring young musicians in regional areas.

Individuals who give to Orchestra Victoria are welcomed into our ‘Orchestra family’ and enjoy invitations to engage with the company and our musicians throughout the year. There are many ways to get involved and we would love to meet you and hear about your passion for the Orchestra. Please get in touch, join us and discover how you can help ensure the long term sustainability of our beloved Orchestra.

The standard of our performance from the pit directly impacts the quality and overall enjoyment of the overall production. So if you love the ballet, opera or musicals, then your support of Orchestra Victoria is also supporting these art forms.

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Annual Giving

At the heart of the Philanthropy program lies our Annual Giving program which is the most important way to support the company as it underpins the everyday operations of the company. Our staff get to know our Annual Giving Patrons and Supporters, enjoying many special moments together, in support of the Orchestra and players.

If you would like to join our Annual Giving family, you may donate now online, offline or please contact Roxy Kavanagh directly.

Roxy Kavanagh, Patrons Manager
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Roxy Kavanagh, Patrons Manager
03 9669 2776

Planned Giving

Created out of your love for Orchestra Victoria, a Planned Gift through your will can be the most generous gift you ever make. Funds received from bequests are not spent, but invested in our Foundation building a sustainable and perpetual source of income. The impact over the long term is transformational and shapes the company we become tomorrow.

Whether you choose to give anonymously or publicly, please notify us of your gift so we can thank you and provide special opportunities for you to meet our musicians and enjoy being an important part of Orchestra Victoria.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a confidential discussion with our Philanthropy Manager.

Download Planned Giving information pack
Give the gift of music to future generations

Trusts and Foundation Giving

Orchestra Victoria encourages and actively pursues open discussions with funding bodies, trusts, foundations, associations and individuals with Private Ancillary Funds or established funds managed by grant-making organisations.

If you or your organisation aims to achieve community outcomes through artistic programs, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

Please see our Financial Supporters page where we celebrate our generous donors.