for Preschool

Dancing Story

The Workshop

Dancing Story provides children with an unforgettable dance and literacy experience and is led by a member of The Australian Ballet's Education team. Dancing Story is designed to work in a small setting such as a library or preschool and gives children the unique opportunity to explore the story of Coppèlia through dance.

  • Size of Workshops

    • Have a maximum capacity of 15 children per workshop. This is to ensure that each child gets the most out of their interaction with The Australian Ballet
    • Each workshop runs for 45 minutes
    • Up to three sessions can be run per booking
  • Designed For

    • Children aged 3-5 years
    • Accessible to all children regardless of learning styles or physical abilities
    • No previous dance experience is required
  • Workshops Explore

    • Dancing Story explores storytelling through dance
    • Children will take part in creative games, choreographic, and performance based learning
    • Costumes will be showcased
  • Workshops Promote

    • Kinetic skill development
    • Working with others
    • Sequencing and literacy