Dancing Story

Dancing Story

Early learner ballet classes for children 16 months to 5 years old.

Our Dancing Story classes are an exciting, playful experience for little ones to make friends and learn new skills in a happy and supportive environment. 

Through lively ballet stories, children will broaden their scope of imaginative play, movement skill development, working with others, sequencing and literacy. Children will also have the special opportunity to see The Australian Ballet costumes and props throughout the series. 

Dancing Story is designed to be accessible to all children regardless of learning styles or physical abilities. No previous dance experience is required.


Our Term 1 six-week series will run every Saturday morning from 30 April to 4 June at the Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre in Southbank.

There must be one accompanying parent or guardian for each child enrolled.

16 months – 2.5 years:

9am – 9.30am (30-minute duration) 

2.5 – 3.5 years:

9.45am – 10.30am (45-minute duration) 

 3.5 – 5 years:

10.45am – 11.30am (45-minute duration) 


There is a lot of variation within these developmental learning stages and the age groups indicated are meant as a general guide. The class teachers are very experienced in modifying exercises to fit the needs of individual children.

Enrolments for Term 1 now closed, join our waitlist to be first to know when classes open for Term 2.

Where and when

Saturdays 30 April - 4 June
Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre


30 OR 45 MINS

Suitable for

Children 16 months to 5 years old

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  • FAQs

    What will the classes focus on? 

    Our primary objective is for children to have fun while expanding their emotional and imaginative range through the medium of storytelling. The exercises are designed to explore the expressive range of their bodies through movement, body percussion and sensory play; develop rhythm and coordination; build strength and endurance; and foster positive social interactions. 

    Does my child need to have participated in a dance or ballet class before? 

    No, participation in these classes does not require any prior experience. 

    Do I need to participate? 

    Yes, we require one parent or guardian to attend these classes. We ask that you help to encourage and supervise your child throughout the class and to be involved and engage with the exercises alongside them. 

    What should my child wear? 

    Children should wear loose, comfortable clothing to support free and expressive movement. Only ballet shoes, soft shoes or bare feet are allowed in order to protect the studio floor. Strictly no socks are to be worn in the studio. 

    Are additional family members allowed to watch? 

    Unfortunately no. In order to create the best possible learning environment for the children, we can only have one accompanying parent/guardian in the studio with each child enrolled. Due to current COVIDSafe protocols, we do not have any waiting spaces available in the building for extended family members to wait for class to finish. 

    What if I have to bring additional children/siblings with me?

    We cannot accommodate additional children/siblings in the studios and we ask for your co-operation in respecting this policy and helping us create a viable environment for the children participating. Additional children/siblings under the age of 18 must not be left unattended in the building.

    Is photography or video allowed? 

    Photography and video are not allowed during class. You are welcome to take a photo at the end of the session, being mindful not to include other children in the shot without express consent from their parent or guardian.  

    Do I need to wear a face mask?

    Parents/Guardians are strongly recommended to wear a mask for the duration your lesson. 

    Do I need to be vaccinated?

    All participants attending classes must be fully vaccinated where eligible. Anyone entering the Primrose Potter Ballet Centre must check-in using the Service Victoria QR Code showing proof of vaccination or valid medical exemption at the sign-in desk for your first class. If you cannot provide the required proof on arrival, you will be unable to enter the venue or participate in class.

  • Conditions of Entry and Registration


    Level 5, The Primrose Potter Australian Ballet Centre
    2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, Melbourne

    Our sign-in foyer is open from 8:45am and closes at 11:45am. Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins to sign in. Please note that due to current COVIDSafe requirements, we cannot allow late admission to class after your class has started.


    Once you have made your booking, don't forget to fill out and submit your registration form before the start of your series for each child enrolled.
    Each booking for Dancing Story includes enrollment of one child and and one parent/guardian. In the interests of creating the best possible learning environment for the children, we cannot accommodate additional family members in the studios and we ask for your co-operation in respecting this policy. Children under the ages of 18 must not be left unattended in the building.

    Class Etiquette

    To ensure you and your child get the most from our classes in a safe environment, we ask that you read through our studio and class etiquette before attending.

         Before class:

    • Please arrive on time to sign yourselves in as there is absolutely no late admittance after the first 15 minutes of class. Due to current COVIDSafe requirements, we cannot allow late admission to class after the class has started.
    • Come ready for class as we have very limited changeroom facilities.
    • These classes run for 30-45 minutes, so it is important that your little one has gone to the bathroom beforehand. If during class you can see your child needs to use the bathroom, please feel free to take them to the bathrooms and bring them back. Parents/Guardians are asked to please take responsibility to avoid ‘spills’ inside the studio.
    • Ensure all phones and devices are set to silent.
    • Only dance footwear or bare feet can be allowed on the studio floor. Strictly no socks or tights are allowed as this polishes the dance floor and makes it slippery and unsafe for our company dancers to use. Parents/Guardians are also asked to please follow these instructions and to take off unsuitable footwear before participating in class.
    • No food and drink allowed in the sign-in foyer

         During class:

    • It’s important (and polite) to listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions. Parents/Guardians will be involved and participating in the exercises too!
    • As this is a dance environment there will not be allocated seating inside the studios – mats will be provided to sit on when parents/guardians are not actively participating in the class.
    • We strictly can only permit one parent/guardian accompanying each child as too many adults in the studios creates a disruptive experience for the children. If for personal reasons you require another parent/guardian to participate in the classes, you will need to contact Customer Experience or the Dancing Story coordinator to authorise an extra family member. If the class is full, we also cannot guarantee that we can fit more than one accompanying parent/guardian in the studio per child due to health and safety pertaining to reaching a maximum capacity inside the studio. Please bear in mind that we also cannot exceed the studio capacity in accordance with COVIDSafe regulations.
    • Plastic water bottles containing water are okay for hydration within the studios. We cannot allow food or any liquids other than water inside the studios.
    • Film and photography are prohibited during class. You may take photographs at the end of the session, however please do not take pictures of other children without express permission from their parent/guardian.

         After class:

    • Please assist us in keeping our studios tidy and ready for the next class by taking any rubbish with you or dispose of it in provided bins and don’t forget your shoes and belongings
    • We ask that you please leave promptly at the conclusion of your class to minimise any contact between yourselves and any other classes also occurring in the building.
    • Have a safe trip home!

    You can find a full copy of our Dancing Story Studio and Class Etiquette here

    For more information:

    These classes are subject to the Step Inside Events Policy in addition to these Conditions of Entry. If the information regarding your booking can’t be found in the FAQ or Conditions of Entry, please refer to these policies or contact the customer experience team by calling 1300 369 741 (Mon – Fri, 9-5pm) or via our web form here

    For any enquiries about bookings, please call the Customer Experience Team on 1300 369 741