Behind the Scenes

See what daily life is like for our elite dancers. From a seat in the theatre, watch as they take morning class on stage (part of their daily ritual) and work to perfect the steps you see executed so effortlessly in performances. You'll also get to sit in on a private coaching session as two of our principal artists work to fine-tune their technique.

Tickets are now on sale for Behind of Scenes during the Faster and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland© Seasons. All other Behind the Scenes events will be on sale Thursday February 2.

The rehearsal room is a very special place. It’s a place where a lot of knowledge is disseminated and where dancers can hone their craft. It is where roles are built and developed, to the point where they are ready to be put on stage. It’s quite an amazing atmosphere.


Where and when

Arts Centre Melbourne
Friday Mar 24
Friday Jun 9
Friday Sep 1
Friday Sep 29

Sydney Opera House
Tuesday Apr 11
Wednesday May 17

Capitol Theatre, Sydney
Tuesday Dec 19



$29, $19 for groups of 10+


60 minutes

Behind the Scenes

Get up close and personal with the extraordinary dancers of The Australian Ballet

Photography Dan Boud