Music Talks

Music Talks

Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about our 2017 composers and their works; giving you greater insight into the powerful works of art you’re about to hear. Seating is limited so come early to grab your seat!

Please also note, Music Talks that take place at The Sydney Opera House will have seating on the steps of the Joan Sutherland Northern Foyer.  Cushions are provided and limited chairs are available upon request.

Seating will be provided for Music Talks that take place at The Capitol during The Sleeping Beauty and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland seasons.


Free, no booking required


60 minutes

Suitable for

Ages 15 and above

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  • Venues and Dates

    • Melbourne

      Stalls Foyer
      Arts Centre Melbourne
      100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

      Day Date Time
      Saturday 25 March 2017 6pm
      Wednesday 7 June 2017 12pm
      Wednesday 21 June 2017 12pm
      Wednesday 30 August 2017 12pm
      Saturday 23 September 2017 6pm
    • Sydney

      Joan Sutherland Northern Foyer
      Sydney Opera House
      Bennelong Point, Sydney

      Capitol Theatre
      Dress Circle Modern Foyer​
      13 Campbell St, Haymarket, Sydney

      Day Date Time Venue
      Wednesday 12 April 2017 12pm Sydney Opera House
      Saturday 22 April 2017 6pm Sydney Opera House
      Wednesday 10 May 2017 12pm Sydney Opera House
      Saturday 20 May 2017 6pm Sydney Opera House
      Wednesday 22 November 2017 12pm Capitol Theatre
      Saturday 25 November 2017 6pm Capitol Theatre
      Saturday 16 December 2017 6pm Capitol Theatre