STEAMDANCE resource: games

Games can break the ice, help to physicalise complex concepts, create a shared dance vocabulary and encourage students to create new movements in a fun way. Below are some examples of movement games that can be tailored to suit many different themes and are great starting points for generating movement that can later be used to choreograph a dance. These are designed as a foundation for teachers to build upon, depending on the age group, theme and learning outcomes required.

Stage Directions

A movement game linked to directions, spatial awareness, mapping and locomotion.

Movement Code

A game that requires memory, creativity and the use of numbers.

Stop. Go. Up. Down.

This game is designed to warm up, and instil spatial awareness, quick-thinking, listening and responding.

Move and Freeze

This game can be used as a fun way to create static positions and movement pathways. It’s a great energiser and uses memory, quick thinking, rhythm and rhyme.