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The Story of Pomi and Gobba

A performance designed for schools and community venues

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The Story of Pomi & Gobba

This story is a contemporary adaptation, based on the Wiradjuri Dreamtime story ‘Gobbagumbalun and Pomingalarna’ which is local to the NSW city of Wagga Wagga. There is a body of water named ‘Pomingalarna’ after the story and it is known for its chorus of frog cries at night. This adaptation explores current themes that are relevant Australia-wide but is grounded in connection to Wiradjuri Country.

Pomi and Gobba is the story of two non-binary frogs that live on opposite sides of the Murrumbidgee riverbed, Wiradjuri country. Gobba belongs to the Burrowing frog family on the west side of the river, cousins to brush turkey, and Pomi belongs to the Tree frog family on the East side, cousins of the Galah’s. Both families help their respective bird cousins by having the Aunts, mothers and sisters build nests, whilst the Uncles, fathers and brothers keep an eye out to protect the nests from predators.

Gobba is assigned to protect the nests with all the brothers, but in secret, Gobba crafts the most beautiful nests of wattle, tree bark, and eucalyptus mulch. Pomi on the other hand, is assigned the task of nest building but finds this boring, preferring instead the excitement of looking out for predators and will often be one of the first to cry out a warning.

Both Pomi & Gobba feel as though they don’t quite fit in with the other frogs and often go wandering along the riverbed alone. One day while out exploring, Gobba and Pomi meet one another and immediately strike up a friendship. They find common ground as misfits and continue to see each other, despite the frog families’ disapproval. Ignoring their Elders warning, Pomi & Gobba find themselves in danger and must overcome their feelings of failure to get home safely. After a perilous journey back home, Pomi and Gobba realise the importance of listening to their Elders, whilst discovering just how powerful their resilience and strength can be, despite being different to most frogs.

This 20-30 minute contemporary duet is well suited to both primary and secondary audiences.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Elena Pomi and Gobba

Choreography Ella Havelka

Music Tristan Field

Design Lillian Hull


$800 + GST

This price includes a two-hour workshop for students (30 students per workshop) plus a performance of The Story of Pomi and Gobba.

Please note: travel and accommodation are additional outside of metro Melbourne.

Contact [email protected] or call 03 9669 2525 to book.

This performance is also offered as part of our funded STEAMDANCE program, which is aimed at increasing access to ballet and the arts. We prioritise schools in low socio-economic areas and those that are disadvantaged socially, financially and geographically. If you believe your school or group fits the criteria, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

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