Our people

Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director Kate Longley
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Sarah Monaghan
Executive Assistant to the Music Director and Chief Conductor Alexandra McKnight



Artistic Associate & Principal Coach Fiona Tonkin
Ballet Master & Planning & Strategy Associate Tristan Message
Ballet Mistress & Repetiteur Elizabeth Toohey
Ballet Master & Regional Touring Associate Steven Heathcote AM
Ballet Master Regional Touring and Storytime Tours Paul Knobloch
Ballet Mistress & Rehabilitation Specialist Megan Connelly
Resident Choreographers Stephen Baynes, Timothy Harbour, Stanton Welch AM



Principal Pianist and Music Librarian Stuart Macklin
Pianist and Associate Music Librarian Duncan Salton
Pianist Brian Cousins
Pianist Rachael Lin


Artistic Management

Senior Artistic Coordinator Alex Wyatt
Artistic Coordinator Eloise Fryer
Director of Special Projects Yvonne Gates



Head of Education Katy McKeown
Dance Education Officer Jasmin Dwyer
Dance Education Ensemble Chantelle van der Hoek, Timothy Szczepkowski-Collins, Yhale Fien, Robyn Begg



Principal Physiotherapist and Medical Team Manager Susan Mayes
Physiotherapists  Sophie Emery, Peta Steller, Bridy White
Myotherapist Stuart Buzza
Consultant Sports and Exercise Physician Dr Andrew Garnham
Body Conditioning Specialist Paula Baird-Colt
Strength and Conditioning Instructor Sakis Michelis
Consultant General Practitioner Dr Vicki Higgins


Director Production and Artistic Operations Chris Yates


Company Management

Director of Artistic Planning Helen McCormack
Company Managers Jess Jellie, Jasmine Moseley
Assistant Company Manager Hannah Denison
Artistic Planning Coordinator Noeleen King


Technical and Production

Technical Director Jon Buswell
Production Director Darren Conway
Stage Manager Deborah Whiteley
Assistant Stage Managers Khym Scott, Christabel Fry
Associate Producer Regional Touring and Storytime Ballet Tessa Kay  
Master Technician Bruce Gordon
Master Electrician Graham Silver
Wardrobe Master Geoffrey Harman
Assistant Wardrobe Master Ian Martlew
Head Mechanist Bart Kendall
Head Flyman/Mechanist Tom Cole
Head Electrician Adrian Siggs
Wigs Supervisor Alison Kidd

Production Wardrobe

Head of Costume Workshop Musette Molyneaux
Wardrobe Production Coordinators Jenny Howard, Ross Hall
Costume Administrative Coordinator Hannah Beer
Senior Cutters Marsia Bergh, Ruth Bartel
Cutters Georgiana Russell-Head, Janice Chalmers, Tiffany Chow
Costumiers Ruth Owen, Sophie Cameron, Josee Picard, Genya Beletskeye, Katherine Manson, Anna Porcaro, Lillian Hull, Jessie Dole, Karine Larche,Ingrid Beilharz, Bridie Wilkinson,Kate Powers, Laura Stewart, Pauline Voegeli

Scenery and Properties

Design Coordinator Kat Chan


Production Centre

Production Centre Facilities Manager Avon Kilcullen
Wardrobe Store Manager Penelope Bjorksten
Collections Project Manager Rebecca Tripp
Collection Registration Assistants Mercedes Gallego, Tessie Scott, Alison Finch
Production Facilities Storeman Andrew Nish


Director Marketing, Commercial and Audience Development Penny Rowland
Executive Assistant Melanie Swieconek



Senior Marketing Manager Renee Colquhoun
Marketing Specialists Siobhan Ion, Melissa Ray, Stephanie Corne
Marketing Coordinator Angelica Olszak
Graphic Designers Emily Fitts, Hannah Grey


Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement Manager Viviana Sacchero
Operations Manager Audience Engagement Brent Pitman


Digital and Content

Digital Manager Joanna O’Connor
Content Expert Rose Mulready
Digital Content Specialist Ally Deacon
Digital Specialist Maeve Ashby
Recording and Broadcast Manager Robyn Fincham
Content Creator David Ward


Recording & Broadcast

Recording and Broadcast Manager Robyn Fincham
Content Creator David Ward


Public Relations

Public Relations Manager Kate Muir
Publicist Elise Tobin
Publicist Natalie Silber


Customer Services and Ticketing

Customer Engagement & Insights Manager Jeremy Irwin

Customer Knowledge Manager Richard Laslett
Database Coordinator Jatin Maniar
Ticketing Applications and CRM Specialist Shannon Toyne
Customer Service Manager Steven Payne
Customer Service Assistants  Perry Hingston, Luke Jacka,  Emily Klug, Tina Wright, Rose McNeill-Young, Darren Stack (VIP Ticketing)
Customer Service & Merchandise Specialist Clare Chihambakwe


Director of External Relations Penny Waitsman


External Relations

External Relations Partnership Managers Fiona Gosschalk, Sarah Vick
External Relations Development Manager Matthew Henry
External Relations Coordinator Kristy Anderson
External Relations Event Specialist Peter Silver


Government Relations

Government and Strategic Communications Dana Moran

Foundations Manager Jo McEniery


Director of Philanthropy Kenneth Watkins


Assistant to Philanthropy Director Sharyn Gilham
Philanthropy Manager, Major Gifts Jane Messenger
Patrons Manager (NSW, ACT) Jane Diamond
Patrons Manager (VIC, TAS) Rachel Gelis
Patrons Manager, Orchestra Victoria Olivia Passmore
Planned Giving Manager Donna Brearley
Philanthropy Services Manager Adam Santilli
Philanthropy Services Coordinator, Donations and Events  Diana Chatfield
Philanthropy Services Coordinator (Sydney) Lynn Neilsen
Ballet Ambassador Program Specialist David Wynne


Chief Financial Officer and Director of Business Operations  Sally Underwood
Executive Assistant  Michelle Saultry



Finance Manager The Australian Ballet  Carolyn Dryley
Finance Manager Orchestra & Operations  Arnold Gschiel
Finance Accountant Diana Bedoya
Payroll Administrator  Jane Coupland
Accounts Administrator Thilini Siriwardana
Accountant Stephanie Cornish
Assistant Accountant  Isabel Pena
Assistant Travel Coordinator Lynne McDougall


Information Technology

Technology Manager  David Cooper
IT Manager Damien Calvert
Systems Administrator Simon Laidler



Building Management

Building Projects and Ballet Centre Manager Tracy Hosier
Office and Building Services Assistant Jenny Abramson
Building Maintenance Officer Stephen Reddrop
Studio Floor Cleaner Lance Humphries


Director of Human Resources Angela Kelly

Human Resources Consultant Ange Park
OH&S Coordinator Helen Morton