Company Membership


Under The Australian Ballet’s Constitution, Members are entitled to nominate potential individuals for election as directors, attend, speak at and have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.



Sections 7 and 8 of the Constitution define liabilities and guarantees required by Members. Members are required to guarantee they contribute a maximum of $20 to the property of the company if it is wound up while they are members.


Categories of Membership

As prescribed in The Australian Ballet’s Constitution and as determined by the Board, four categories of Membership currently exist.

  • Board Members
  • Honorary Life Members
  • Donor Members
  • Ordinary Members

From time to time The Australian Ballet will announce new Members and seek applications for Membership from people who are committed to the company, its wellbeing and ongoing success.

In doing so, it will consider the following Guiding Principles.

  • Individuals with a current and demonstrable knowledge of the art form;
  • Individuals who are actively involved in the organisation through participation in company programs and activities;
  • Individuals who demonstrate a strong interest in the ongoing wellbeing of The Australian Ballet; and
  • Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the success of the organisation.


Applications for Ordinary Membership

The Australian Ballet Board will call for and consider applications for Ordinary Membership from 1 December 2021. Any individual who satisfies the Guiding Principles and complies with the Membership Policy above is welcome to apply here for Ordinary Membership.