Then and now: Tim Harbour and Ty King-Wall

14 October 2014 | By admin

It’s the 100th issue of our Behind Ballet email this week, and it’s got us looking back to 2010. Back then, an up-and-coming coryphée, Ty King-Wall, in addition to being  a Telstra Ballet Dancer Award nominee, was having a busy year. As we reported in Behind Ballet #1, in June of that year Ty tweeted, ““Huge week ahead, Coppélia opening night Melbourne on Thursday, Uni exam Friday, Franz Saturday. I’d better bring the A game!”

Meanwhile, choreographer Tim Harbour was making Halcyon, his first mainstage work for The Australian Ballet, and he chose Ty to dance the lead, Ceyx – a big break for the young dancer.

Ty King-Wall and Madeleine Eastoe in rehearsal for Halcyon. Photography Jess Bialek

Tim Harbour creating his ballet Halcyon. Photography Jess Bialek

Flash forward to 2014, and Tim Harbour is The Australian Ballet’s newest resident choreographer. With the company about to embark on a US tour, Tim is making a one-act work, Ostinato, for three of the dancers to perform at New York’s Fall for Dance festival – and Ty, now a principal artist, is one of the three.

Ty King-Wall, Daniel Gaudiello and Robyn Hendricks in rehearsal for Ostinato. Photography Lynette Wills

Tim Harbour creating his ballet Ostinato. Photography Lynette Wills

Ty King-Wall and Amber Scott in Stanton Welch’s La Bayadère. Photography Lynette Wills

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