The Merry Widow: Fussing and Fighting

Posted on 30 May 2018 By Rose Mulready

The Merry Widow may end in kisses and twirls, but along the way there are hurt feelings, clutched hearts, near misses and tears in the champagne. Gasp, shock, horror! It's all part of the fun ...


Valencienne is trying to be true to her marriage vows, but how can she resist Camille, the handsome French attaché? It's a risky business exchanging sweet nothings in the middle of an embassy - especially when not everyone has left for the night!

Andrew Killian and Leanne Stojmenov / David McAllister, Benedicte Bemet and Christopher Rodgers-Wilson. Photography Daniel Boud


The suave Count Danilo is the prime candidate for seducing the rich widow Hanna into a marriage that will benefit the poor country of Pontevedro. But he, not aware of the plan, starts the party early and arrives at the embassy ball a little squiffy. The long-suffering embassy staff have to pull him together - but he'll shortly be needing another stiff drink after realising that he knows Hanna better than anyone dreamed.

Adam Bull and Franco Leo / David McAllister / Brett Simon. Photography Kate Longley


The lovely ladies of Pontevedro are none too pleased when the radiant Widow makes her entrance, glittering with diamonds, and their dance partners flock to kiss her hand. It's bad enough at the embassy ball, but at Chez Maxime, when every Pontevedrian is furious with Hanna for apparently choosing a foreigner over Danilo, the looks become positively deadly.

Montana Rubin / Coco Mathieson / Jasmin Durham. Photography Kate Longley


The electric tension at Chez Maxime infect everyone with the jitters. Waiters juggle glasses, customers complain about their champagne, and not even the can-can girls can cheer the crowd up for long. As for Valencienne, who thinks her beloved Camille has betrayed her, she's postively dangerous ...

Never mind - it all ends happily!

George-Murray Nightingale / Ella Havelka / Ingrid Gow / Benedicte Bemet and Christopher Rodgers-Wilson. Photography Daniel Boud