The making of a Bluebird

Posted on 18 November 2015 By admin

Come into our wardrobe department to take a close-up look at the construction of the costumes for the beloved Bluebird Pas de deux.

Along with the Rose Adage and the Grand pas de deux, the Bluebird Pas de deux is one of the definitive moments of The Sleeping Beauty – there can be no Beauty without Bluebirds!

Although only one of the “bluebirds” is actually a bird (well, a prince enchanted into bird form), most designers carry over the bright colour and plumage into Princess Florine’s costume. Gabriela Tylesova is no exception. Her costume for Florine is the blue of birds and sky, its underskirt printed with feathers.

In keeping with the Baroque aesthetic of Tylesova’s design, Florine’s tutu is lavishly adorned with gold.

Photography Lynette Wills

How will Florine’s costume match with her swain’s? Here’s Brett Chynoweth and Jacob Sofer in their first fittings for the Bluebird costume. The final version will have close to 100 feathers on it – and you guessed it, more gold embellishment! We can’t wait to see this fine feathered pair take flight.

Photography Kate Longley