Posted on 13 November 2019 By Rose Mulready

Krystal Giddings’ exquisite designs, created especially for Storytime Ballet: The Nutcracker, are equally beautiful in real life. See them go from page to stage.

The Harlequin doll who dances at the Christmas party that begins The Nutcracker.

Lucien Xu. Photography Lynette Wills

Clara's elegant mother, who presides at the Christmas party where her daughter is given a Nutcracker doll.

Saranja Crowe. Photography Lynette Wills

The mice who battle the Nutcracker Prince give off a bit of a Peaky Blinders vibe.

Elise Foster. Photography Lynette Wills

The Mirlitons have a music-hall showgirl feel, and their bodices mimic gift wrapping.

Jasmin Dwyer. Photography Lynette Wills

Rich red ruffles and embroidery make for an opulent and authentic Spanish dancer.

Lucien Xu and Elise Foster. Photography Lynette Wills

The Sugar Plum Fairy's tutu is loaded with brocade and spangled with stars.

Kelsey Stokes. Photography Lynette Wills

The Nutcracker Doll transforms into a dapper Prince.

Edward Smith. Photography Lynette Wills