Season’s greetings

22 December 2010 | By Behind Ballet

What are you getting up to this festive season? We asked dancers and staff what’s in store for them …

“Laughs, champagne and a dozy nap on that one special day when my family can celebrate being together again”
Dana Stephensen, Coryphée

“There’ll be two days of presents, yummy food and Christmas songs. Christmas is magic and even more special with a two-year-old who adores Santa”
Lucinda Dunn, Principal Artist

“I’ll be in Japan having a winter Christmas with my family! It will be very exciting to be home for the holidays!
Reiko Hombo, Soloist

“I’m going to be in the US with friends and their family. I have always wanted to spend Christmas the ‘American way’. I’m looking forward to all the turkey and great food”
Yosvani Ramos, Principal Artist

“A typical Christmas: putting the star on top of the tree with my brother, accessorising our dog with tinsel, going for a long walk after enjoying my mother’s beautiful Christmas cooking and watching Dad nod off in his favourite chair, still wearing his paper crown from the crackers!”
Amber Scott, Senior Artist

“I’m spending Christmas at home with my family in New Zealand. Christmas is usually a low-key affair for us, but I’m sure I’ll have a couple of beers and play a bit of backyard cricket with my brother”
Ty King-Wall, Soloist

“Christmas day is about the excitement on my two-year-old niece’s face, while Christmas lunch is a medley of both Australian and American traditions (but mum’s pudding is my favourite!)”
Andrew Wright, Coryphée

“There’ll be lunch on my balcony and drop-in drinks with all of my usual ‘Melbourne’ family. I can’t wait to sleep in, read books, watch DVDs and generally chill out before heading westwards to visit my ‘real’ family for New Year’s Eve!”
David McAllister, Artistic Director

“My family will join me in Melbourne, and this will be the first time we haven’t spent the holidays in the icy cold, skiing, sipping hot chocolate and trying to stay warm. We have been emailing each other, speculating on what one does for a summer Christmas!”
Valerie Wilder, Executive Director

From everyone at The Australian Ballet, have a happy holiday and a safe new year!


Image: Daniel Gaudiello and Dana Stephensen in Molto Vivace
Photography Jeff Busby