20 April 2021 | By Alexia Petsinis

You dash from work to dinner, from dinner to the theatre, and arrive in your seat out of breath and flurried. Sure, it won't be long before the ballet weaves its spell on you, calming your mind and transporting you to another realm: but what if you could arrive in that mellow, receptive state? 

Our Research Partner La Trobe University has devised what they call a 'mental palate cleanser', designed to put you in the ideal state for experiencing the arts. Nuro is a game, but it's not a competition - not even with yourself. There are no time limit, no levels, no judgement. Move pastel spheres together to move through different colourscapes. Sound on for soothing, womb-like sounds. You can play for as long as you like, but the game is designed to put you into a relaxed, alert state in a few minutes. 

Academics in the fields of education, psychology and immersive technology came together to lead the Nuro project, which was unveiled in conjunction with the National Gallery of Victoria's recent Triennial exhibition. As we come out of our COVID-19 lockdowns and plunge back into the stimuli and distractions of 'the outside world', Nuro allows you to play your way to calm, dwell in the moment and ready yourself to fully experience the pleasures of the arts. We think it's the perfect prep for a night at the ballet. 

Play Nuro